As the days grow shorter, and cooler temperatures begin settling in across the country, something clicks in all of us, and suddenly we’re all in a rush. A rush to buy gifts, to see friend, and to close out the fiscal quarter strong. Welcome to the Holiday Season.

Now, although sometimes things like Black Friday and Cyber Monday arouse some negative (stressful) emotions for some, there’s one “holiday” that most consumers LOVE to support: Small Business Saturday.

Since 2010, American Express has sponsored this holiday to help stimulate sales for local retailers around the holiday season. While AMEX has backed this initiative, businesses that do not accept American Express can still participate.

This Saturday, stand apart from the crowd with these tips! 

1. Use A Consistent #Hashtag

As a small business owner, you probably have some best practices that have helped you succeed in the past. However, it’s 2014, and things gotta have a social component now! Make sure your promotional messaging is clear AND that all materials and promos point to a unique #hashtag. You can track interactions with customers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then listen, respond, and follow up in a timely fashion.


2. Make Social Sharing A No-Brainer

One of the best things about being a small business owner, is that consumers generally really like to make it known that they shop local! Make it easy for them. Do you have a photo station or contest, promotion, or incentive to post socially about supporting your business? Also, your customers might be intrigued to learn and understand the benefits received by local economies through successful small business!

3. Do Your Research

Don’t participate in Small Business Saturday blindly. Know what’s happening, who’s supporting it, and what the benefits are. Looking into other Small Business Saturday campaigns can be a great way to get inspired. The biggest one of all is American Express, who has done an incredible job promoting this cause. By using the #ShopSmall, you can join the conversation. Use the resources they have provided to your advantage! Take a look at the Facebook page they have setup to learn more about how to get involved. 

Here at Likeable Local, we have some huge surprises coming up for our #likeable network on Saturday. Don’t miss out by requesting a demo to learn more about what we do and get our promotions list!

What is YOUR business planning for Small Business Saturday? Comment below!

We have some huge surprises coming up for our #likeable network, so stay tuned! 


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