IMG_3901-1-304.jpgMany small businesses are starting up, especially online. To thrive, the owners of these business ventures must master the art of generating new leads. The best way to achieve that goal is by creating authentic content. Because this process involves a variety of steps, we want to help new entrepreneurs use the most efficient ways to produce content.

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Create and publish original content on your website

Your website is the face of your online presence. Therefore, it’s wise to put lots of effort into it. The three key features of every modern website are written content, photos, and videos.

  • Publish well-written articles – Publishing articles on various topics related to your business will catch the eye of potential customers. Strive to write about current and relevant trends in your field. Also, make sure your blog features articles written by top influencers in your industry.

  • Showcase original photos – From events organized by your business to the conferences you attend, take your own photos and customize them for your website. In addition, display photos that show your everyday office culture to give people an insider’s look behind the scenes.

  • Unleash the potential of high-definition video – Whether it’s a live-streaming session or a pre-made clip, creating your own videos will enrich your online presence. To make a more powerful impression, ensure the quality of these videos is at least 720p. While you can make these HD videos with smartphones, it will take some time to master editing techniques. To learn these techniques, here’s a video-editing guide published on

Encourage users to generate original content

In addition to its own, original features, your website should be interactive. Engaging websites compel visitors to take part in a dialogue.

A good way to start the conversation is by welcoming visitors’ comments. From websites to blogs, comments allow visitors to contribute their ideas. However, make sure to follow security rules and guarantee anonymity to your registered commentators. WordPress has helpful plugins that make it easier to secure comments.

Blog posts can start great discussions. If people are intrigued by what you’re sharing, they’ll regularly visit. As a result, your website traffic will rise, leading to a better SEO ranking and possibly more leads. Note: Publish even negative comments for the sake of credibility.

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Businesses can also benefit from welcoming customers to share their reviews regarding their experiences with your brand. Invite them to share their stories.

Finally, invite visitors to share feedback on your social media profiles, as well as their own photos featuring your products. User-generated content creates a sense of community and positive brand associations.

Keep the website simple

Next comes proper website structure and organization. Websites should be organized as simply as possible. People love intuitive and easy-to-navigate websites. For example, every single page should have a homepage icon. This will also help ensure the website is mobile-friendly.

Don’t forget to place the About Us, or a similarly-named section, on your homepage. Some people will automatically look for your company’s story to get an understanding of what you do. Learn more about creating an effective About Us page from this guide published by Search Engine Journal.

It’s also important to make it easy for visitors to submit payments. Knowing how to create and issue a professional invoice is a must. An easy-to-use payment system will speed up your business transactions.

Write guest blog posts for other websites

The rules of reciprocity apply to online success. Therefore, website and blog owners should contribute to as many credible news outlets as possible. Busy business owners may not have the time to write all these pieces on their own. This is where having a reliable team of creative writers helps.

You can find many creative writers through popular freelancing platforms. These platforms usually feature reviews and ratings, so you can find the writers who are the perfect match for your brand.

It would also be beneficial to polish your writing skills and publish your own pieces. Your visitors and clients will appreciate your voice and opinions on matters related to your industry.

Participate in online discussions

If you want to spread the word about your business, join online discussions. This can be done on blogs and social media.

Concentrate on social media posts and websites of your potential business partners and clients. When you share helpful information with a link to a well-written piece or a video on your website, you’ll compel other commentators to visit it.

However, always be polite and use tact when engaging in these conversations. Express neutral feedback with a modest invitation to visit your website.

Send business newsletters

One of the key ways to increase your content’s visibility is to stay in contact with your visitors. E-mailing valuable business newsletters helps you keep in touch with current and potential customers. Newsletters should contain helpful information and recent updates on your business. For instance, let’s say you’ve exhibited at a high-profile trade fair in London. Share your experience with your customers.

Customizing the newsletter to different social media networks will allow your connections to share it, as well, resulting in new potential leads.

How often should you send newsletters? That depends on what’s going on. To ensure every edition is high-quality, once every two weeks may be a good frequency.

As you can see, making your content visible to your potential leads is as important as the content’s quality.

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With all the information online, it’s important to be authentic and helpful. Websites that provide valuable content will stand out and gain people’s trust. Therefore, let people in and show who you are. Infuse your everyday business experiences into your online brand. In doing so, you will form relationships, generate new leads, and ensure a long life for your business.


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