Likeable_Guest_PostHave you ever sent an important email and wondered if the other person read it? Once you press send it's hard to determine what happens next. Maybe you end up in their junk folder or Gmail's promotions tab, or maybe... just maybe... you slip down their chaotic inbox as you form part of the white noise.

It's an issue I'm sure drives you insane, and as someone writing a book that features 150+ busy entrepreneurs, I've emailed A LOT of people and hoped for the best. Sometimes they reply. Sometimes they don't.

Sure, I've made my email shorter and more precise over time, and improved the way I follow people up. I've also used apps like Sidekick and to track who does and doesn't open my emails, but these tools only tell half of the story.

But one day I tried something different, and boy-oh-boy did it change how I approach email forever!


Whilst interviewing inspiring entrepreneurs for The Successful Mistake, I'd wake up each morning and send a handful of emails to people I didn't know, but wish I did. I desired to chat with the likes of Neil Patel, Dave Kerpen, Pamela Slim, and Chris Brogan, and although some would reply, many wouldn't.

So one morning, after sending a handful of emails, I decided to do something different - although simple and quick.


I sent each person I had just emailed a quick Tweet saying...
Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 16.51.53I didn't expect anything to happen. I did it on a whim. I tried something new because that's what entrepreneurs and business owners do... we continue to find new ways to succeed, stand out, and better ourselves.

So when mid-afternoon arrived and a few of these busy entrepreneurs replied to my tweets, I tapped my fingers with intrigue. "Hmmm," I said. "Maybe I'm on to something here..."

Over the next few days, I sent each person I emailed a quick tweet afterwards. It added mere seconds to my day, but what happened next blew me away:

  These are just a few examples. I have dozens more. Over time I've learned:
  • My email ended up in their junk folder
  • It didn't send properly
  • They saw it, thought they'd replied, but accidentally hadn't
  • They thought it was spam so deleted it

More important than all of this, it placed me to the top of their email to-do list. They were keeping an eye out for my email because I did something 95% of other folk don't.


Performing this simple Twitter hack has reignited how I send email. I decided I wouldn't just do this for The Successful Mistake interviews, but for everyone and everything: potential clients, existing ones, friends, the press...

As soon as you send someone an email (even if you know them), you lose all control. The fact is you don't know what happens once you press send, and although apps like help, they only tell part of the tale.

Whereas if you send someone a Tweet straight away:

  • They keep an eye out for your email
  • You prove you're real (not a robot or spam)
  • You separate yourself from the bland majority
  • You connect with them on a platform designed for social means
  • You touch base in two separate places - which is far better than one

I'm jumping on a special, exclusive, and super limited webinar with the Likeable Local crew on ???? where I'll delve deeper into the Instant Follow-Up process. Whilst on there we'll go through a step-by-step process on how to send an instant follow-up, how you can use different tools and platforms, and how to send one even if you don't email your customers.

You're invited to join us, but don't delay for these seats are sure to go fast!

I appreciate you're busy. The role of a business owner never gets easier. Adding an instant follow-up to each email you send adds an extra item on to your own to-do list, but trust me when I say: This Has Changed How I Email!

Considering it's free, adds mere seconds to your day, and sets you apart from everyone else in their inbox, it's something I encourage you to try. I only wish I knew about the instant follow-up when I began writing The Successful Mistake. Just imagine all those emails that never made it past the junk folder...

How many of your emails never make it past Gmail's gatekeeper? Isn't it scary to think about all those missed opportunities?


Matthew “Turndog” Turner is an author, Brand Storyteller & Speaker who spends each day Discovering, Creating & Sharing Inspiring Stories. He keeps busy writing lots of storytelling goodness - his current project THE SUCCESSFUL MISTAKE: a book about overcoming your #GreatMistake and transforming it into your best idea yet.

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