Instagram is becoming one of the biggest apps used today. Most people think of Instagram as a place to share their personal photographs and to view others, but did you know that Instagram is a great tool to use to help your small business grow?

Consumers have been using Instagram since it came out in 2010, and now companies are joining in. By creating a new social platform, you're allowing your fans to find you somewhere they might prefer more than Twitter or Facebook. Linking Instagram to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and even Flickr will help your existing followers build your Instagram community.

Creating an account and getting followers is a good start, but there are better ways to use the platform for social marketing.


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A new feature of Instagram's, you will soon be able to run ads that will show up on the newsfeeds of other users. Instagram ads were given a limited release in late 2013. They'll be similar to Facebook because these ads are designed to reach large demographics of people using content that captures their attention. With over 150 million people active on Instagram everyday, this will lead more traction to your small business online and offline.


Another great way to use Instagram is by getting the people that help your company grow involved. Start a contest in your business by creating a customized hashtag for your followers (and potentially new followers!) to use. Encourage Instagrammers to use your products involved in the photo or video contest. Overall, not only are you awarding the people involved but you are getting the word out about your company through hashtagging even more!

Uploading pictures and videos to Instagram is a powerful way to share the personal side of your business with customers, connect, and network to new a potential customers. By using Instagram, you'll not only make your business more personable, but you are able to leave last impressions on your current and future customers.

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