Instagram-1.jpgInstagram has become the most popular platform for sharing visual information. With more than 300 million monthly users, many brands are striving to effectively interact with their customers through the platform. In a study conducted by BI Intelligence, it was discovered that Instagram is mostly comprised of urban and youthful users, with women playing a vital role.

Advertising and branding on Instagram are expensive and not convenient for all businesses. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, CEO Kevin Systrom said, “Our real value in the long run is in the advertising space…We’re taking it slow on purpose because we don’t want to alienate the community that is so important to Instagram’s growth.” Instagram’s branding is more natural, easily catching the eye of the customer with an impressive tagline or hashtag. One of the best examples is Old Navy.

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How should you effectively engage audiences with your brand?

The below infographic from a web designing service, called Hashtag17, captures a snapshot of some ways you can use Instagram effectively.

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Form connections and use compelling captions

Instagram is excellent for branding, with its capability to write captions. A short, crisp caption will attract more people. And, using hashtags will make it easier for people to find the photos, so you can engage with them. A general and attractive hashtag always gets more views. Online programs, like Websta and IconoSquare, help you choose a suitable hashtag. Adding a link to the account also increases traffic to your profile.

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Partner with a good cause

Partnering with a good cause can help you get more views. Some companies, such as Sweetgreen, partnered with a nonprofit company, helping them increase their page traffic.

Capture unique photos that promote the brand

Because the branding on Instagram is mostly through photos, lifeless and dull photos will not create an impact. Photos with radiant colors and a good background will reach the target audiences faster. Quality of the photo, size, and editing are very important and they must match professional standards. Filters on Instagram can be used for this purpose.

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Relate to the followers

Understanding the mindset of a customer and delivering his/her requirements play a vital role in a business. While doing so, many businesses tend to lose their brand’s personality. Hence, engaging the target audience without losing the brand’s personality is very important. TOMS does this very well.


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Maintain consistency without overposting

It is not necessary to post every day, but it is important to keep up the consistency. Forgetting to post for a long time may lead to lost customers and leads. Therefore, post consistently while not overposting! In fact, consistency in both posting and branding is vital.

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Boost engagement

It is essential to keep the customers engaged and nurture good relationships with all followers. Promoting and boosting the posts can increase customer engagement. A hashtag attracts the target audience and plays an important role in promoting the brand.

Use Instagram tools

There are many tools in Instagram that help enhance a picture’s quality and impact. Photographs touched with popular filters and other special effects get more viewers.

Be humorous

Being humorous can also increase page views and get more customers. Many people enjoy humour and funny posts gain a lot of support. Dollar Shave Club is a brand that uses humor well. Their posts are laughter-inducing and keep their customers engaged.


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Post beautiful experiences

Posting beautiful experiences related to your brand will increase more likes and views. A beautiful experience showcased in a picture is sure to attract a lot of customers. People relate to brands they feel emotionally connected to.

Use live videos

A live video is more engaging. Posting videos with quality audio, imagery, and text can increase the views of the page. Make sure the videos are exciting enough to keep the customers engaged.

The key to advertising on Instagram is to create customer engagement through lively pictures. This is a huge challenge as not many have the required photography skills. Professional and attractive pictures are more appealing. Being innovative by creating different pictures with engaging hashtags and captions can help keep customers happy. Creative, lively pictures are key to attracting new audiences and maintaining quality relationships with existing customers.

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