Ideas vs Action

Posted by Dave Kerpen

I love ideas - good ones, great ones, even ridiculous ones. My mind works a mile a minute and is constantly thinking of ideas (though perhaps most are the ridiculous ones). Seriously, though, if you're anything like me, you have at least one decent idea a day:
"I have an idea to build something!"Idead_Quote.png
"I have an idea that could change everything!"
"I have an idea to help someone or something!"
Ideas are exciting, and powerful, and fun. But you know what's better than ideas? 
You see, the problem is, we're all super busy. (or lazy. or both). 
So a moment after having an idea, we get distracted. The kid needs your attention. A customer needs your attention. An employee needs your attention. 
Everything and everyone needs your attention. It's exhausting.
You know what REALLY needs your attention? 
Those decent ideas. And turning them into ACTION.
Mary Kay Ash once said, "Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who actually implement them are priceless." (click to tweet
So my challenge to you today is this: 
Become priceless. Implement just one idea today, that will help your business or your family or yourself or the world. 
You can start small, too. Maybe you have an idea to put up a sign in the lobby of your business. Or make a rewards chart for one of your kids. Or start a new marketing campaign using social media. Or clean up some litter on your block. 
Whatever is is, remember this: It doesn't have to be the best idea on the planet. Most people who have the best ideas don't take any action anyway. 
It just has to be a decent idea that you think might be pretty good. Give it a try! 
Take some action.
And if it works, try the same thing tomorrow
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