The short answer is no. Blogging is more important today than ever before and your small business should be utilizing one. Here's why:
A blog is not for you. A blog is for your audience, demographic and/or your followers. But why care about them? Because these blog readers are prospective and current customers!
Why should your small business blog? 
It's simple. 
Your business solves a problem, yes? 
Your customers have a problem that needs to be solved, yes?
If you helped educate customers on industry news, tips, tricks or trending technologies you'd essentially be shedding light on these problems while establishing your credibility.
Here are 4 reasons you need to have a regularly update company blog:
1. Small businesses with blogs generate more leads
By establishing a blog you have created another portal for search engine optimization. You have created a new digital location for potential clients to see what you do, what you know, and how credible you are. Blogs work to increase traffic to your virtual presence(i.e. facebook, website). Increasing website traffic should be enough of a motivator to establish a blog. The more people who read your blog, the more traffic you receive. In turn, this equates to increased exposure to your business! Search engine algorithms tend to prefer recent activity. Keeping a blog and updating it fairly regularly will help you achieve a hire ranking in most search results. 

2. Interesting content is one of the top reasons people follow you on social media.
Sharing information is a key component to a good presence on any social platform. Keeping an interesting and active blog full of content is vital for a following. The average social media user is inclined to read interesting content, share it with their friends, and continue checking back for new content if you they're engaged. The more you blog and the more interesting your content, the more likely you are to increase a following and continuously expand your digital presence. People like new and interesting topics! 

3. Blogging makes you better at what you do.
Blogging gives you the ability to showcase your expertise. Illustrating to your demographic that you understand your trade and evolving technologies within your trade will help play on the same 'establishing credibility' theme. The natural side effect of this is that you will become better and even more knowledgable in your industry. There is always more to learn, and the more you read, share, write and explore new topics in your blog, the better you become as a professional.
4. Blogging is still advertising.
This is one of the most important yet forgotten principles behind blogging. Blogging is advertising. Maybe not as direct as many traditional methods, but in essence, blogging is exposure. It's marketing. It's public facing material that works to drive traffic, leads and interest in your business. The best part is, it's FREE. Yes, a good blog takes a bit of time, but it's worth it!
So get out there and start a business blog! They're very much alive.

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