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A recent article from Ad Week brought attention to the fact that Twitter is debating following in Facebook’s footsteps and hitting the auto-play button on videos. Despite Twitter’s dedication to text, Facebook’s astonishing success with video now rivals Youtube’s and has made this discussion a necessity. 

So, what does all this mean to small and medium sized businesses trying to advertise on social media? START POSTING VIDEOS TO FACEBOOK!

Here are the facts, unfortunately not available in video form (yet?):

  • -In September, less than a year after introducing the auto-play feature, Facebook proudly announced that it was showing 1 billion videos every day.
  • -A more recent look into the numbers revealed that that number has already jumped to 3 billion.
  • -“Google is freaking out” as Facebook catches up to (and recruits employees from) its subsidiary company, Youtube.
  • -Facebook is constantly evolving its News Feed to deliver a better experience for its users, and it seems that a shift to video is what the people would 'Like' to see.

As explained in an article by Thinnpro SmartSoftware, photos and videos are given more “weight” in Facebook’s algorithm than text. Further, the “mind boggling” amount of users watching entire videos after they automatically start playing continues to add “weight” to video content rather than to simple text and links.

Now, this does not mean you need to go hire Michael Bay or Steven Spielberg to direct scenes for your business. It does, however, mean that you would probably see a lot more engagement if you swiped to the video function on your phone and posted a clip to Facebook!

So, take some videos of happy customers or show your company culture! Heck, have a contest and request your fans to send in videos with your fabulous products. It’ll be great content for your page(s), and Facebook’s algorithm will reward you for it.

Still not convinced? Check out some of Likeable Local’s amazing video content on our Facebook page! Or better yet, request a demonstration and let us help take your business to the next level on social media!

Have fun recording, and happy viewing!
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