Letting Go

Posted by Dave Kerpen

Last night I spoke to a group of small business owners from Entrepreneurs Organization about lessons from my new book, The Art of People
I talked about the importance of always sincerely asking "How can I help you?"
I talked about why you should always take the water when it's offered, howballoon-984229_1920.jpg
to use LinkedIn to grow your network, how to blow off the wrong people, and the power of thank you cards and gifts.
But most of all, I talked about the challenge and power of letting go.
Letting go of that which we can't control is probably the greatest human challenge - and yet it's the most important if we are to live happy, fulfilled lives. 
What can you let go of that will help to make you a happier, more fulfilled person? What person, thing, or limiting belief can you say goodbye to in order to build a better life or business for yourself, TODAY? 
The challenge is on. 
Let's practice letting go together.

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