This blog post was contributed by one of our Pro Account Strategists here at Likeable Local. Thanks again for the contribution, Paul!

As a Likeable Local Pro Account Strategist, I help small business owners market themselves through social media. 

Family dentist. Social network founder. Freelance writer. Meditation tools creator. Wedding photographer. Quilter. These are just some of my clients.

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Posted by Quality Quilts by Laura on Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Yes, Likeable Local is a software company. The Likeable Hub saves our customers time by scheduling and providing them with unique content ideas. Pair that with built-in advertising and landing pages to capture referrals, the Likeable Hub is a real game changer for small businesses.

After dealing with thousands of customers over the years, we realized the need for a premium product. Not every small business owner needs a tool to save them time. Some of our customers needed more thorough strategic guidance to help them maximize their social media presence. Insert Likeable Pro.

As a Likeable Pro Account Strategist, we offer 120 minutes worth of dedicated campaign strategy based on your immediate and long-term goals for social media.

Our customers are first time entrepreneurs, small business owners, and community builders. 

These are the people we choose to concentrate on and it gives me no end of pride to do so. Why? Because we go where the need exists. 

In the short time that this product has been available, we've seen tremendous growth for our clients. The details are not all that entertaining: within the confines of 120 minutes, we can do a lot. 

The most advanced get help monitoring ad campaigns across multiple platforms. I tweak their images, teach them best practices and keep them informed about the ever changing social media landscape.

Some models are more straightforward. A lone artisan gains six new customers for their highly specialized luxury product in two weeks. Others will take the longer route. A financial group has to dig deep to create an online reputation from scratch. But that's the beauty of Likeable Pro, it adjusts to need.

The difference is the personal touch. With a strategic vision broadcasted through their voice, the audiences are responding. They're seeing their audiences on social media grow every week, and with that their potential for positiveROI.

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