"I promise to lose X pounds!" "I will read more!" "I will drink less!" - I am the ghost of resolutions past, and these promises never make the cut. It's time to set some social media goals that you won't cheat on. We are going to break it down very simple for you: If you do these 3 things 3 times a week, you will be on your way to a smashing social media presence!

Read 3 Social Media Articles

Social media is changing all the time, and you must be a student every chance you get. Mashable, Social Media Examiner, Inc.com, and of course our blog are just a few of the many great websites that you should be regularly checking. To make your life easier, you can join our "Thought Leaders Newsletter" where we compile the most important tech/social media news and deliver it to you weekly!

Post to Facebook 3 Times

Social media doesn't need to take over your life, a little bit goes a long way. Have fun with your page and show your personality. Posting 3 times weekly is enough to remain top of mind, and you won't come off as "spammy." If you want to dive deeper into writing engaging and beautiful content, check out our brand new eBook on the "10 Commandments of Content Creation.

Interact with 3 Fans

Whether it is answering a question on your page, or liking a comment on your posts, you should always be interacting with your virtual network, but the best results come from giving your fans some extra attention. Go the extra mile and visit some of your fans' pages, because a like or a comment on their page can make a big impact.

Following our 3x3 rule is just the beginning, but is a necessity. Start here and progress upward. As always, we are here to help! Be inspired, make this year your best, and have a very #Likeable day!

Does this all still seem like a lot to handle? Feel free to call us at 212-359-4342 or click below to learn more about how Likeable Local can help your social media presence flourish!Learn More!


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