I discovered this accidentally on Friday night. I was at a Mets game with my daughter Kate, and she had just been selected to take part in an on-field promotion called the Stolen Base challenge. I was so excited and I wanted to share this moment with my friends and family, so I went to Facebook and clicked "Live Video", and shared my daughter's moment live
A day later, over 3,500 people had seen it!
Then yesterday, my wife got the Likeable Media team together to briefly celebrate the 6th year anniversary of Likeable. Again I decided to livestream the moment on Facebook. In less than 24 hours, over 3,000 people have seen this video
Neither video was professionally produced, and neither one had very compelling content. They were both shot and shared on a whim, and yet were collectively viewed by over 6,000 people! What's happening here? 
Well, Zuck's happening here. You see, Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team are extremely bullish on Live Video. Zuck believes that live video will be a huge part of the future of Facebook. And whenever Facebook wants to push a feature to their 1.5 billion users, they can do so simply by adjusting the complicated algorithm that determines what users see in their newsfeeds. 
Right now, Facebook is pushing live video in a big way, which means if you live stream from your business, chances are you can generate hundreds or thousands of views yourself. This won't last long- soon enough, you'll have to advertise on Facebook to get your live content seen, just like you have to advertise now to get most of your content seen by your customers and prospects. (Or use Turbopost from Likeable!) 
But for now, you have an opportunity to share your business with thousands of people - so long as you're brave enough to hit that "Live Video" button from the Facebook app in your phone. Don't worry about creating the perfect scene or scripting anything. Just share your story. 
See you "live" on Facebook! 
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