The most important thing your costumer and potential costumer can do for you on social media is like or follow one of your pages. Achieving that “Like” places you into the newsfeed of your consumer, and being in that newsfeed is invaluable because it allows you to communicate with your consumer on a regular, sometimes daily, sometimes hourly basis. 

However, there are very common mistakes being made by business owners that are causing them to lose likes and being removed from newsfeed's because they were practicing bad social media habits. Luckily, I caught you right before you were about to tweet a 5 paragraph essay on proper brushing techniques. Let me level with you, I'm sure those techniques are very fascinating but you're competing for my attention in my newsfeed, and guess what? Cat videos trump dental essays in my newsfeed every time--I digress.


Here are a few simple tips to avoid the unfollow: 

Keep It Simple: Remember the life span of a tweet is shorter than it takes to type it. Make your message clear and concise. You're competing with everybody.

Keep It Appropriate: I feel like I shouldn't have to explain this one. Before you send something, ask yourself "am I OK with the world seeing this?" Chances are if the answer is no, don't post it. This also goes for personal views; keep them out of your message. The last thing most of your consumer wants is for you to be pushing your own thoughts on them.

Don't Overstay Your Welcome: Remember a “Like” is an invite into your consumers world--do not clutter it! Blasting a newsfeed with too much content is obnoxious, first of all, and will cause your consumer to unfollow you.

Be Punny: I hate that expression. In fact, I know a group chat of 8 best friends who would certainly give me a lot of guff for using it, but that doesn't mean it isn't true. Chances are people are shifting through their feed to disconnect; they want relief, so make them smiles and they will continue to follow your content.

I told my self I wouldn't do a list of 3, and I didn't! I hope this was of some help to you. Remember--think before you post! 

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