We teamed up with our friends over at Brand Yourself to bring you the best practices in online reputation management. Whether it's personal social or business professional (and anywhere in between), we've got you covered!

Today, managing your personal and brand reputation online is paramount. With search engines retrieving only the most relevant search results, we must all be responsible for our digital footprint. 


Concerned about where to begin? Here is a list of things to avoid online, steps to building a positive online reputation and their social implications.

1. Building A Positive Online Presence

The first thing you can do to proactively control your online reputation is to establish a presence.

Start with high quality content across the board. 81% of consumers base purchasing decisions based on what they find online. Your website and social media channels should reflect your business in a visually stunning way.

Be sure to include the most important information like a short bio, contact information and accomplishments/accolades or causes that your business supports. Don't forget to universally link your content (linking your website back to your social channels and vice versa)! This will help with your results in search engines.

2. Dealing With Negativity

Anonymous consumers, loyal customers, even competitors have the ability to post reviews about you online. Some people have a hard time relinquishing that control to the unknown. One of the biggest fears we hear from customers is what people might say about their business on social media. 

An easy way to avoid negative PR is to be outstanding! Easier said than done, we know.

In the case of a negative post or review, deal with it like you would in person. Don't avoid the problem. Helping your customers resolve any issue or problem is your top priority. You should treat your online presence like a visible form of word of mouth about your business. If you provide consistency in your business, your online presence will likely reflect the same. 

Be sure to thank your customers who recommend you publicly or give you those 5 star reviews! You will be amazed at how your positive experiences begin to accumulate and have an impact on your bottom line.

3. Staying Active 

There are countless ways to keep in the now. As a small business owner, you might think how can I possibly provide interesting content when I am busy running a business?

Fear not: you are not alone! 60% of marketers claim to struggle creating content. Why? It's time consuming! 

Curating content from other sources is one of the most effective ways to provide quality content to your network. We recommend that for every 2/3 of your social updates should be relevant content curated from a credible outside source! 

Don't think that it needs to constantly be your own creative content. This mix of content will make your original content stand out more, while your audience continues to receive insightful updates from outside sources through your distribution channels.

If you need help getting your feet off the ground online or honing in on a detailed social media marketing strategy, we are your guide! Schedule a demo with us to learn more!

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