This is my favorite time of year, because it's Thanksgiving time, and people are talking more about gratitude. 
Gratitude is truly a game-changer, for 2 reasons: 
1) When you express gratitude to someone, whether it's a hand-written thank you card (most highly recommended!), a gift (As my latest book, The Art of People suggests, "Buy him a bonsai!"), or even a digital thank you, everyone appreciates being thanked. There's literally no downside to lavishing gratitude upon your clients, staff, prospects, friends, and family. It takes less than a minute to thank someone. People will love it, and love you! 
2) More important, gratitude is a game-changer because it changes you. Even if you don't outwardly express gratitude to someone, by feeling grateful and fully experiencing moments of gratitude, you will put yourself in a better state of mind. You'll change your mood from bad to good, from good to great, or from great to ecstatic, in less than 1 minute! Then you can be a better seller, better leader, better person, better _____! 
There are no side effects to gratitude, which I truly believe is the greatest drug on the planet.
Here are 2 ideas that you can implement right now in less than 1 minute and change your mood for the better: 
1) Make a gratitude list. Spend one minute writing down as many people or things that you're grateful for as you can. I'll demonstrate. I'm grateful for: our team at Likeable Local, our team at Likeable Media, Carrie, Charlotte, Kate, Seth, Joyce, Vegas, New York, Port Washington, Hugh, Mark, Meg, BU, Hunter, Hamilton, our awesome customers, the Mets, baseball, orange, and everyone reading this blog post. THANK YOU! Now you try!
2) Spend a minute being grateful for something you've never been grateful for before! Think really deeply about something or someone you've never been grateful for before: the sun, the moon, your next door neighbor, your car, your 1st gradeorange_headphones_dave.jpg teacher, the leaves falling from the tree. It doesn't matter who or what, it just matters that you close your eyes, forget about everything else in the world, (shut off phone notifications!), and concentrate entirely on gratitude for this person, thing, or idea, for an entire minute. Try it, I swear it works!
That was great for me! How about you? Who or what were you grateful for? I was grateful for these sweet orange headphones somebody bought me awhile back. (Pic taken after obviously!) 
Here's to changing your mood, changing your business, and changing your life. Just one minute at a time. 

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