Our #SocialMedia Christmas List

Posted by Evan Thomas

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This is the time of year for giving, but it's also the time of year to be a little greedy and ask for what you want. Following Likeable Media's example, we here at Likeable Local decided to make a Christmas list for all of the social media updates we're looking for in 2014. Santa, won't you please help us out a little?

1. Facebook giving organic content more reach to brands

Facebook recently announced that the organic reach for pages is decreasing(which everybody with a Facebook page already knew). While big businesses might be able to pay for sponsored stories easily, this is a huge handicap for small businesses and bloggers. We're asking Facebook: Won't you give us back our posts?

2. LinkedIn getting more active members

Avid fans of LinkedIn will tell you, “It's not that different from Facebook.” You can follow your favorite celebs like Conan O'Brien, check out people's profiles, and post links and pictures into your friends timeline. What would make the experience better? More people on LinkedIn using these features!

3. Instagram for your desktop

Instagram is an amazing photo-sharing app for your phone. But increasingly people and brands are sharing more than iPhone shots of what they're eating for breakfast. Being able to upload photos from your desktop would take this photo-sharing app over the top.

4. Tumblr messaging system

Avid fans of Tumblr know it has a very tight community of users. Right now Tumblr doesn't have a special messaging system for users who mutually follow each other(which you might compare to “friends” on Facebook). A perfect gift this holiday season would be to Facebook-ify Tumblr and make it a friendlier place.

5. Facebook gif replies

We were teased by gif replies on Facebook earlier this year with giphy. Now we want the real thing. Ever since Facebook allowed picture replies, it seems like the next step. After all, gifs are everywhere.

6. Reality TV stays off of social media

Live reality shows and social media seem like a natural pair, right? But in a world where watching TV online is becoming the norm, stunts like The Voice's #VoiceSave are ruining the TV watching experience for those who choose to watch our favorite shows later. That's why we're asking all reality shows: Please stay off our social media accounts. Or at least tag your spoilers.

7. Pinterest allowing multiple users under one account

Pinterest users can have a plethora of boards under their account and even post to group boards on other accounts(as their own user). The next best step would be allowing multiple users under one account. Netflix did this in 2013, now it's Pinterest's turn.

8. Scheduling options on all platforms

Some platforms like Tumblr have great post-scheduling systems. Others like Twitter are way behind the time and require 3rd-party platforms like Hootsuite or Buffer. 2014 should bring advanced scheduling systems built into ALL platforms. Pretty please?

9. Help make Myspace cool again

Santa, you're a miracle worker. We just don't know what the new Myspace is trying to do, but it'd be too sad to see it fail miserably. So won't you please help them out and make Myspace cool again.

That's our #SocialMedia Christmas List. Tell us: What's on yours?

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