Pinterest: The New Kid on the Block

Posted by Sara Murali

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In the ever-changing world of social media, small businesses can't always keep up. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, websites, blogs, etc., there is hardly time to take a breath. Adding to the challenge of staying “on top” of social is the new kid in class: Pinterest.


For the small businesses that don't believe they can benefit from having a Pinterest presence, think again. This November, Pinterest became the fastest-growing platform for online content sharing. Originally thought of as a platform only for women, Pinterest has recently extended its demographic to reach new consumers in creative and interesting ways.


The social networking site allows for businesses to have maximum engagement with their online users using visual cues. Therefore, small businesses can capitalize on Pinterest by catching the eyes of their consumer base by pinning engaging photos and colorful infographics to promote deals or services.


Businesses should also take advantage of the “Pin It” button on their websites, making it simple for users to pin and share pieces of content through a specific channel. Here are a few more ways small businesses can use Pinterest to their advantage:


  1. Employee Recommendations: Pinterest is the perfect outlet for advice or recommendations straight from the employees themselves. Employees are hired for their expertise, so be sure to value their opinion. Let them show off their favorite aspects of the business to represent your brand.


  1. Guest Pinner Boards: Allowing followers to be involved in your boards is a smart idea for businesses to increase user engagement. It also allows for automatic feedback and insight on your product. Along those same lines, creating a board that is specific to customer feedback and experiences is a great way to show that your business really values its clients.

  1. Mix Up The Content: Sharing a wide variety on content to your boards is a great way to stay dynamic and fresh. Whether it's blogs, eBooks, videos, Instagram photos, or other bits of content, sharing content over a mix of different mediums will be a good source of traffic to your page.


  1. Contest/Promotions: It never hurts to incentivize user engagement on social sites. (i.e. “Like” our page and receive a free consultation!) Using Pinterest, businesses can have customers or clients pin their own content to your boards as a means of winning some sort of prize. This will generate user content while increasing the buzz and excitement about your business.


At the end of the day, it is essential for businesses to understand how their consumers are interacting with all social channels, including Pinterest. Remember: Think visually and outside the box. Pinterest may just be the next big thing.

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