Facebook Reachageddon, or the end of organic reach on Facebook, is looming, and soon.Facebook recently announced that January marks the end of organic reach for businesses. This means that any small business owner looking to reach those who 'liked' their page must pay for Facebook ads. "Organic reach" of content from brands and small businesses will fall to less than 1 percent of all fans.

Though trends have been pointing this way for the past few years, the news doesn't hurt any less.The Wall Street Journal, recently reported that these new changes "will sting entrepreneurs."

On the one hand, businesses have never before had a free media channel through which to advertise, so this was bound to happen. But on the other hand, although big businesses may be able to swallow the new pay-to-play rules, it's challenging for small businesses that don't think they can afford to advertise. So now that Facebook Reachageddon is just a few weeks away, what can small businesses do?

Here are three simple, actionable takeaways for small businesses wondering what to do next with their Facebook pages.

1. Reach Out to Ambassadors to Share Your Awesome Content.

No matter what your purpose on social media, creating great content is integral in spreading your name and message. Give your followers a reason to listen to what you have to say. Provide them with entertaining, enlightening and genuinely valuable content that inspires them to become your ambassador. On Facebook, you're not just competing with other businesses but also adorable pictures of babies and puppies. The best way to draw attention to yourself is to both inform AND entertain.

The next step is tapping into your ambassador network to get them to share your content through Facebook. Ask anyone you interact with regularly like customers, influencers, and friends to like, comment, and share your posts. If you're hesitant to ask, just think of it this way. If it's great content worth sharing, they'll be benefit from sharing it just as much as you!

2. Expand Your Horizons to Other Platforms.

Get involved in other platforms before they too become pay-to-play. This is also a time to expand your marketing to other systems in order to attract customers in new and exciting ways. Post on these alternative platforms as well as Facebook to see which performs better! Just remember, it's useful to change up the message between platforms, as they're all different mediums.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Slideshare, Vine, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube. These are all platforms open to you. All of those sound intimidating, but start with what you know your customers are on. If you don't know, just ask!

3. Pay-to-Play With Facebook.

If you want to take the bait and pay, investing in Facebook Ads is a great way to promote your brand while generating a lot of positive results. For Likeable Local, at least, Facebook Ads source better responses than any other means of social media marketing. Experiment with advanced targeting options to hand pick the audience you want to reach. 

This integral aspect of Facebook is called hypertargeting. Facebook uses the data of over 1 billion users to allow you to target each and every one! Job title, zip code, age, interest, and marital status are all criteria to search with. Another plus to sticking with Facebook is the built-in social context, which shows your friends who have liked a product. 92% of people trust their friends so seeing their name related to your product compels them to buy. 

It's stressful to think about Facebook Reachageddon's impending arrival. You've just mastered your current strategy, now you have you start over? Take this as a chance to refresh your campaigns and reach a whole new set of customers. Try these three things and your social media marketing will be even better than before!

So what are your thoughts on Facebook Reachageddon? If you're still stressed about it's arrival, check out our free ebook on Facebook becoming pay-to-play, or you can schedule a free social media consultation with Likeable Local!
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