Logo3Our customer of the month is Patricia A. Boswell of Safonique! Safonique is the first company to introduce pure essential oils in the laundry detergent marketplace. Safonique gets clothes immaculately clean with none of the harmful and environmentally-unfriendly chemicals in traditional detergents!

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Patricia-480234-edited-552536-editedPatricia Boswell has been with Likeable since November of 2016. Since she joined the Likeable family, she and her Customer Success Manager, Jonathan Logan, have worked to transform her company into a lifestyle brand. With the guidance and hard work of the Likeable team, Patricia decided to implement a daily short video journal routine called "A Word with Pat". Patricia, true to her brand, has stuck with it and has posted a video featuring uplifting and motivational content every weekday for a year! Though Patricia started with a small audience, it has continuously grown and now her videos have been viewed over 118,000 times!

Beyond just the views, "A Word with Pat" has been able to build lasting relationships and increase page engagements. When Safonique first joined Likeable Local in 2016, her products were available in limited Walmart stores in New England. Since then, her detergent has made its way onto the shelves of Walmarts and ShopRites nationwide and sold hundreds of cases. Patricia credits her relationship with Likeable for much of her success.


As 2018 continues, we plan to maintain steady growth in Patricia's customer base through a mix of website click advertisements, video promotion, pixel tracking, and custom audience building.

Since her start with Likeable Local, Patricia has expanded Safonique into an empire. Her product has now graced the laundry shelves of all 50 states! Safonique has also maintained predominantly 5-star ratings on Amazon and Walmart.

With summer just around the corner, we can't wait to see Safonique in every American home! 



To check out more of Safonique, visit safonique.com or keep up with Patricia on Safonique's Facebook every week day!

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