I never saw myself working as a salesperson. I always saw myself in New York City, but never really expected to actually get here.


I’ve been coming to New York City all of my life on brief trips with family. My family and I would take bus trips to see a show, go shopping or visit the Statue of Liberty. I’ll never forget my dear mother, terrified of heights, grasping to the railings for dear life as we climbed higher and higher. I secretly dreamed about being in the city that never sleeps and is full of energy and fun - quite like how I see myself.


When I was 17 I got accepted to NYU.  I longed to move to The City and study at NYU but my parents discouraged the idea, saying it would be unaffordable and send me into debt the rest of my life (well, yes). They won that battle.  However, not moving to NYC cut me somewhat deep. For years I wondered how my life would have been different and if I would ever actually end up where I have always felt that I belong. I thought I missed my chance.


I learned a lot on the journey that brought me back here.  I’ve traveled abroad, spent a summer living at the beach, waited tables and did what I needed to do to “make ends meet.” I was working doing digital and social media marketing when I decided to go out on a limb and apply at Likeable Local. This was quite the task since I felt like I had put my professional life on hold.  With visions of NYC lights in my mind, I revised my resume, compiled some of my best work, submitted my application and crossed my fingers. They called! I knew immediately during the first phone interview that I would “fit” with Likeable Local.


My multiple interview blew me away, the four people I interviewed with are definitely in the “admire and respect” category in my book. That’s not too surprising since so is the person who was my initial contact at the company.


I jumped at the chance to finally be myself. I have to work hard, actually earn a respectable living and live where I want to, and on my terms.


So, I didn't miss my chance to to move to the place where dreams come true. I now live in New York City and work on the best sales team ever.  I’m learning how to sell what we do. What do we do? We help small businesses succeed on social media. I don’t want to make this a sales pitch though. This is different, (but cough cough, let me know if you’d like a demo, because I’d love to show you exactly how, always).


Everyone at Likeable is so remarkably EXACTLY that--likeable. So friendly, kind, respectful, funny, and, well, young and full of vigor. It really is like family, as cheesy as that may be to admit. Everyone just looks out for one another, and recognizes hard work.


Likeable Local was and is an amazing opportunity for me to grow and learn not only professionally, but personally also. Even better, I actually think I can contribute to #Likeable success, which is the ultimate dream. Working somewhere you feel appreciated and rewarded is fulfilling. Likeable wants to make business about business, especially for the ‘little guys’ who work really hard to make a living with a unique trade or business that they created themselves. That’s admirable. I totally want to help people like that. Don’t you?


The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that dreams do come true if you make them.


I was lost for years trying to figure out what I wanted in life but I’ve ultimately realized all that really is, is to be fulfilled through my work and relationships. And to do both of those, it will be hard sometimes and you might have to fight for what you want. But my advice? You should. We only live once, right?


Don’t ever believe that you’ve missed your chance!


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