Untitled design (59).jpgFinding a cause you want to be a part of is wonderful. How can you contribute and get involved?


Through dedication to these six key areas.


Share Your Values


By sharing what you believe in, you will engage people who have similar values. Many communities form when people join together in support of a common cause. And, it all starts when people voice what they stand for.


Build a Website

pexels-photo-326424.jpegWhen people want information, they often turn to the internet. With a website, you can highlight what you’re all about. It can be the face of your brand, as well as the home for your content.


There are many resources available. WordPress and Medium have features that make it easy to build intuitive websites.


With WordPress, you have access to hundreds of themes with plugins that enhance capabilities. You can add social sharing buttons, videos, and slideshows. Easy to update, you can modify it at any time with an internet connection. Very community-oriented, the platform allows you to connect with fellow bloggers and comment on their posts.


Medium is another excellent medium for exchanging stories with other writers. Featuring an easy-to-use editor, its beauty is in the simplicity. Because Medium has minimalistic layout options, it allows the strength of the content to stand out.


A website should always be a work in progress. You may need to update it regularly to keep it current and relevant to what’s happening. Some things in life are never meant to be finished, with your online personal brand one of them.



Untitled design (60).jpgThere are many forms of self-expression. Like writing, painting, playing music, designing, illustrating, and sculpting. When life imitates art, creative outlets can carry your cause forward by opening up new perceptions, thoughts, and ideas. Explore even unconventional ideas. Imaginative thinking does not try to stay within the lines. Rather, it goes beyond into unchartered territory.


Social Media

hans-vivek-208969 (1).jpgSocial media is connecting the world. According to research, there is an astounding 2.34 billion people worldwide who are regularly using one or more of the networks. This presents a lot of opportunities to connect with people, from your hometown to faraway places. Channeled in these ways, social media can amplify your message.




Creating is all about producing your own original content. This can be a blog post, a video, or another update in your voice. Even when sharing an opinion on a matter, it’s uniquely you.


Inventing a unique hashtag can give your cause more visibility. A tagline that conveys what you stand for allows other people to spread the message. Many campaigns have become a part of people’s lives with the help of memorable hashtags.




You can help people get involved in their own ways by sharing interesting information that gives credit to respective creators. Transform your social media profiles into a source of up-to-the-minute news and guidance that informs on how to become a part of the action.


Experiences and Stories

Untitled design (61).jpgObserve and appreciate the awesome. There is a lot to marvel at if you look in the right places. What’s your muse? It may be a favorite song you love listening to that makes you feel at home. Or, a page-turning story that transports you to another time and place. Maybe, it’s your favorite retreat. Whatever it is, experience it wholeheartedly. When you’re in your element, you’re likely to feel that coveted sense of wonder.


Thanks to multimedia, we can tune into amazing experiences and stories. Many people and organizations are highlighting inspiring experiences and stories that showcase the good. Of people helping one another, showing courage and sacrifice, love and compassion. When these stories are brought to light, they set examples for positive change and future acts of kindness.


Participate in Events and Volunteer


One of the best ways to promote your cause is to get involved in your community. By volunteering and participating in events, you live what you believe. Your actions align with your values.


To get started, connect with your favorite organizations on social media. Sign up for their newsletters. Many organizations announce their events online. 


Events and volunteer opportunities have a way of bringing people together and forming communities. There’s progress when we act in collaboration.


When your digital life is in tandem with life away from the computer, synergy happens. For example, your online connections can spark strong relationships offline. And, those relationships can be the catalyst for positive change.


Every Cause Has an Effect


Everyone has the power to make their cause happen. To really contribute, means sharing what you believe, rolling up your sleeves, putting in hard work, and bringing heart and soul to your mission. How do you contribute to your cause? Share your story with us in the comments section.



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