Thank you so much to everyone who entered our competition! We received so many fantastic entries and enjoyed reading every single one of them, so it was hard to pick the winners. Now, the moment you've all been waiting for: Our Best Small Business Marketing Campaign of the Year (and awesome runners up)! 

1) Teenager Entrepreneur

Congrats to brothers Michael and Marc Guberti! We were totally blown away by these grand prize winners for their creative and multi-faceted campaigns. They run teen business entrepreneurship camps, and their goal was to sell them out. To start, it's no surprise that both brothers have massive followings on social media because they constantly release their own innovative content, and who doesn't love a teenage entrepreneur! In addition to their digital presence, they personally visited local schools to reach out to and excite students to sign up for their camp. To top it all off, Teenager Entrepreneur sponsored interested underprivileged students from New York schools to attend! This connection between digital marketing, in-person networking, and philanthropy was a recipe for success, making Teenager Entrepreneur our winner. This would be impressive for anyone, but at the ages of 18 (Michael) and 16 (Marc) their savviness to connect online mediums with offline supplements was wise beyond their years and something we can all draw inspiration from! 

2) Cole Dentistry

This clever dental practice and runner up is one of our own Likeable Dentists!  We love how they practiced what we preach and ran a social media marketing campaign that personalized their Facebook page, connecting their employees with their fans. This campaign consisted of a weekly "getting to know your dental office" post where they took the time to highlight each of their employees. They introduced each employee, posted a couple of pictures of them, and shared their interests outside of the office. At the end of the day, customers feel more loyal to a company or brand when they can personally connect, so this campaign will no-doubt warrant ongoing success for Cole Dentistry. In the immediate, the campaign gave their page an amazing personal touch and drove a lot of engagement.

3) Longnecker Jewelry

Longnecker Jewelry made the finalists with some awesomely integrated customer holiday engagement initiatives like their "Best Christmas Tree Competition." They asked their fans to upload pictures of their Christmas tree and at the end of the competition gave the tree with the most likes a $200 gift card.  The entry photos received 575 likes driving tons of engagement, impressions, and new likes to their page. Plus, entrants asked friends to vote, which made heir jewelry store a main topic between local families during a prime time of the year! The winning photo had 188 likes, WOAH! 

4) Emkay Diamonds

Emkay Diamonds killed it this year with social media + email marketing integration. These two online marketing mediums are powerful when working together. For their holiday party and grand reopening, they sent emails blasts and also posted to Facebook to reach their fans in multiple places on several mediums which was a smash success! 

5) All 4 One Tutoring

All 4 One Tutoring wins for their incredible listening to their customers. They took their social media to the next level by consistently posting content that they noticed their audience was enjoying. Our favorite piece of content they released was a calendar for the new year that was branded with their logo in the background. The post itself received a lot of engagement AND whenever these fans print this free calendar, their logo is right there to remind them who provides the best tutoring!

We hope that the above marketing campaigns have inspired you to do an amazing marketing campaign for your small business this year. So, what are the takeaways from our winners?

  1. Bridge the gap between offline and online marketing
  2. Personalize your Facebook page and get your whole office involved
  3. Offer unique and fun competitions to drive traffic, engagement, and interaction
  4. Integrate multiple online channels for successful digital marketing
  5. Share branded content, post consistently, and provide value to your fans

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