The Top 10 Social Media Tools

Posted by Zac O'Neill

Social Tool Kit Podcast

We're thrilled to be featured in the amazing new podcast called The Social Toolkit from our friends at Social Fresh! Every week they interview a new digital marketing expert about the tools that they love, and then dive into the best processes and tactics for these tools. The January 13th premier of this podcast included a release of 10 episodes (great for you binge-listeners!), and this week's "Social Toolkit Podcast," featured Likeable Local!

In this week's highlight of the "Top New Social Tools of 2014," Likeable Local made the top 10. Jason Keath, CEO of Social Fresh, describes Likeable Local as "the social media easy button for small businesses." We couldn't agree more. Check out below to see what other tools made the list! 


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Images courtesy of Social Fresh


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