Social Media FAQs: Answered!

Posted by Nicole Kroese

Through all of our Likeable Webinars, Events, and more, I've been asked so many awesome questions about leveraging social media marketing from business owners, but never have time to answer them all! So, I thought they deserved their own blog post. Plus, I was recently interviewed by Media Shower as part of their Expert Interview program on Maximizing Social Media Presence that includes some great social FAQs and answers. Enjoy!  

How do you keep up with all this social stuff when it is always changing?
"It can seem like a full time job keeping up with what is going on on social! I recommend selecting a few blogs that you read daily to keep up or designate an employee internally at your company who is responsible for educating everyone on the latest in social. Some I love to read are the Likeable Local Blog & our sister company Likeable Media's blog (of course!), Social Media TodaySocial Media Examiner,  Jon Loomer, and Hubspot! And honestly, if it seems out of scope to keep up with all things social or you really just don't care to learn yourself, hire a company or person you trust! There is no shame in outsourcing social or using a tool that makes it easier! There are lots of topics I don't wish to handle or learn about and hire-out." 

2. How should you track/report on the impact of the social media strategies you're using? 
"Although it sounds like a cop-out answer, the answer is that it depends on your goals! Is getting more likes and followers your main goal? Then track those impacts. What if your goal is to encourage loyalty, goodwill, and ongoing communication with customers? In that case, engagement on your pages and with your social promotions is an important metric. What about if you're looking mostly to drive people to your website? In this case, you might want to create tracking links for when you share posts linking to your website so you can track how they are contributing to your website traffic. Another thing you might want to track is leads, referrals, or reviews. If have forms to collect these, track how many conversions come from social as a source."

3. What is the most effective social media strategy currently? Are there any benchmarks for what level of investment in relation to company revenues? 
"It's hard to pinpoint the most effective strategy to a tee without knowing your business well, but there are a some rules of thumb that are important. Invest in Facebook Ads, especially boosted posts. Make sure to have a varied content strategy. It's better to tackle a few strategic social networks well vs. taking on too many. Use tools to help you be more effective!

Investment in social is less related to company revenues than it is to the diversification of your marketing budget and what you are looking to achieve with social. At Likeable Local, we drive over 1/3 of our monthly leads directly from social media and social ads, so we definitely invest in it! Regardless, social channels are moving more into the "pay to play" space so not investing anything is not an option. Lastly, the investment it will ALWAYS take is time--your time, the company you hire's time, your employee's time..."

4. How can you best link to your web site from your social channels? 
"You should absolutely make sure that on your businesses' Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles include links to your websites. You can customize this under the About/Settings section. Also, make sure that your personal profiles showcase where you work which can end up leading traffic to your business."

5. How can you most effectively sell on social media? Are there any rules for doing so? 
"On social, you have the benefit of being able to "sell without selling." What I mean by this is that you can provide value and have conversations, all while informing people about your product or business. You also have the benefit of the network of supporters who will engage with your content (even "salesy" content) and provide that word-of-mouth support. Also, when you share new products on social & ask you fans to "like" or "comment" if they want it, you can gauge sales interest right on your Facebook or Twitter page!"

6. Are there any strategies for social media across the board? Should you use only one site at a time for a campaign? 
"It all boils down to the amount of time you and your social media team may have to dedicate to social and what medium will be best for your campaign. In terms of using social media across the board, it's important to make sure you're strategic in what social channels you choose to use for your business and not overextend yourself. I generally suggest picking 2-3 channels to do super well, vs. 4 or 5 to do a mediocre job with. If you're in the retail space and have lots of great images, Pinterest might make sense for you, whereas if you're a tech company without many visuals it may not be a logical choice.

When launching a campaign, think strategically about which channels to launch it on. Do you have an active Twitter audience? Should the campaign include using a hashtag or retweeting something? Generally speaking choose the channel(s) where you have the most active fans who are your target audience for the campaign."

7. How can a small business in the startup phase use social media to understand more about when/how/where customers want to purchase products and services?
"Love this question! Social is an awesome place to LEARN about who your prospects and customers are and what they like. For example, before launching a new product test a social ads campaign or post on your page about it to get a feeler from your audience. You can use social ads to test different product ideas, slogans, headlines, etc. Also, the page analytics will be your best friend. If you're getting a lot of followers and fans and wondering who they are, where they live, and things they like, what other people they follow, etc, that is ALL possible with your audience insights! Definitely take a look..." 

8. How much time should a person dedicate to Facebook daily?
"You should spend at a very minimum 5 minutes a day checking to make sure you respond in a timely fashion to any comments or inquiries. I recommend posting on your business page at least 2-3 times per week. To be more efficient with your time, use a scheduling tool so you can plan them out in advance all in one post-making session. Of course, I'll recommend Likeable Hub as a great tool to use!" 

If you're looking for ongoing social media tips and resources, definitely check out the Likeable Local Resource Center
Resources Here!  
What other questions do you have about social media for your business? Did I miss any social FAQs? Comment below to let me know! 

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