Social Media For Attending Conventions

Posted by Evan Thomas

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Your bags are packed. Your office is closed for the day. You’re on your way to a convention to see the latest products and get big deals. But have you thought about your social strategy?

Social media lets consumers interact with businesses more than ever. Since it’s easy to update, companies nowadays will post any recent changes or news to Twitter or Facebook along with traditional email and website marketing.

Companies spend months planning to be an exhibitor on each and every convention. You can bet they plan their strategies on social media in advanced, too. These usually involve discounts, offers, and limited-delivery coupons. If you aren’t listening you might miss out!

Here are 3 ways you can stay in the loop next time you attend a convention:.

Look Through The Hashtag

Every event these days has a hashtag, whether it’s made by the event holder or not. Some will advertise it on their website but even if they don’t have one the vendors will make up their own. Search Twitter for a hashtag with the conventions abbreviation(such as #RMDC for Rocky Mountain Dental Convention) and see who’s tweeting about it before and during the event. You might find a vendor you never noticed in the newsletter or event brochure.

Stalk Vendors You’re Interested In

Vendors know that people are looking for deals during these conferences so they’ll often put one out there. Instead of bothering to call their webmaster and update their website, they’ll more likely tap into their email lists and social followers. Check a company’s Twitter and Facebook to look for mentions of the event and discounts they’re offering to mention with the sales reps.

Be Social And Likeable

Even if a company doesn’t mention a convention discount, more often than not they’re prepared to give one. And every company loves a social customer who’s likely to give them word of mouth referrals. Tweet with the companies you’re interested in and focus on being friendly. Sales reps want to work with customers who are likeable.

Have you talked with a brand on social before buying?

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