Surprise and Delight

Posted by Dave Kerpen


Ever been to a casino? If you have, you've probably seen and heard loud slot machines going off. This is a prime example of what psychologists call, Variable Rewards theory. You never know when a slot machine is going to go off and win next - so you want to play more, in case it's your machine!


You can do the same thing for your small business - by surprising and delighting your customers, staff or prospects. Keep them excited and coming back for more by offering random customers free product, random prospects something cool, and random employees bonuses. People never forget when they win things. Make your customers, prospects and employees feel good, just because, and'll keep all three groups happy and coming back for more. You many be surprised yourself how far a little surprise and delight can go!  


By the way, if you can't afford to give away free product, cash bonuses, or prizes, I've got a way to surprise and delight anyone that's effective and free: Praise. There is literally no downside of generously awarding public, authentic praise to the people around you.


Speaking of surprise and delight, the 18th person to share this post on Twitter and tag me with @DaveKerpen will win an autographed copy of my new bestseller, The Art of People. Good luck!


Have a delightful rest of your day!


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