The 5 Most Powerful Words

Posted by Dave Kerpen

The five most powerful words in business, and maybe in life: How can I help you? 
Of course, you can't just going around saying these words inauthentically. 
You have to say it when you can mean it, and most important, when you can and will be able to follow through.


"How can I help you?" is great when you're meeting a prospective customer. 
"How can I help you?" is great when talking to a current customer.
"How can I help you?" is perhaps best when you're talking to an employee or someone you manage.
We all have needs and wants, and when you tap into those needs and wants, and show people that you truly care, and that you are there to help, and not just to sell them something, or extract productivity out of them, it will go a long long way towards building a meaningful relationship. 
So, how can I help YOU? Maybe I can share a link for you to my 650 thousand followers on LinkedIn and Twitter? (if so, please email me the link you want me to share to
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No matter what, my challenge to you for today is this: Say the words "How can I help you?" to at least one person before the end of the day. Mean it. Follow through. And watch how powerful those 5 words really are.


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