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Blogging and writing on LinkedIn has become more important than ever for a business owner like you. Here's my secret formula, that's led to over 25 million page views for my articles over the last 4 years and over $2M in revenue through social media:

1) Craft the Perfect Headline

Most people spend most of their time and energy writing the article itself and then think of a headline as an afterthought. That's a big problem, because no matter how great your article is, without an effective headline, nobody will see your content.

Spend the majority of your writing time brainstorming and writing and editing your headline. Can you create a succinct list (like the headline for this email)? Or perhaps an emotional promise? The perfect headline will ensure people will see your article.

2) Find or Create a Compelling Image

The first thing to get people's attention is the headline, but a compelling "hero image" at the top of your article is really valuable too. Consider subscribing to a stock photo site such as Shutterstock, or using a tool such as Canva. Or take out your phone, set up and take your own picture to match the content of your article.

3) Write and Edit a Concise Post

The key to writing your actual article is to keep it concise. Attention spans are shorter than ever and people are busier than ever. After you've written the 1st draft, go back and edit and see what you can cut to make your article crisper and more concise. Then do that again.

4) Include 2 Strong Calls-To-Action (CTA's)

At the bottom of your article, include 1-2 provocative questions asking your readers to comment and share their thoughts. That'll help you generate much more engagement. Also, include a CTA to visit your product page, download an ebook, or something else related to sales. That'll help you actually monetize your article.

5) Share Generously on Social Media & Email

Once your article is completed, you've got to get as wide an audience as possible to read it. Email it to your customers and prospects. Share it across all of your social media platforms! Tap into influential friends and associates and ask them to share your article. Today, all writers need to be marketers, and all marketers need to be writers.

There you have it! My simple 5 step process to creating the perfect, most effective article is in your hands, free of charge!

Please apply this process on your own and let me know how it goes! Of course, if you don't have time to do all this and you want more help with your content and social media, chat with one of our experts today. We'd be happy to help!

Thanks for reading and as always, here's to your social media success!

Dave Kerpen

CEO, Likeable Local


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