The Art of the Email Copy

Posted by Sara Murali

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As much as we hate receiving them, sometimes you just HAVE to send a canned email. Let's be honest, it makes our lives easier. That being said, there are some techniques you can use to make the recipient of the email feel special (and not make it sound like a generic email sent to hundreds of people).

First things first, be aware of the email subject. When thinking of an effective subject line, ask yourself, "Is this an email I would open?" If not, then think of something else. For instance, I would think an email with the subject, "What are you waiting for?" is something spam-related and would probably just hit "Mark as Read." On the other hand, a subject line that is more straightforward and to-the-point will seem more genuine. Remember, to K-I-S-S (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

Always start a bulk email by acknowledging how busy the person is. Something like "I know I only have a few seconds to tap in to your busy day" seems considerate of their schedules and acknowledges the fact that we all get busy sometimes. Hey, it's life.

Next, personalize a line or two in the email. I know this is tricky, especially when you are sending out emails to large groups, but it never hurts to throw in something more personal about them. That way they know you took the time to single them out. A little bit of personalization definitely goes a long way so people don't feel like they are just a number (or an email address, for that matter).

Make sure you are using their name as much as possible. Again, this goes with the whole personalization factor. People like reading an email and feeling like they are being spoken to directly, so try to avoid the whole "To Whom It May Concern" bit.
BE SURE TO BCC! With all the stalkers out there, you don't want people poking around and getting ahold of your email lists! This is the email version of TMI. Make sure to BCC all of your recipients so that you don't run in to any awkward situations when you follow up with them.

Finally, add some pizazz. A photo, gif, or video will showcase a little personality and hopefully get some laughs. No one wants to read a tired, dry mass email (We get too many of those every day). Think outside the box!

Follow these steps and your mass email will definitely generate some buzz and even a response or two. Gmail also allows the lovely trick of saving Canned Responses, so you don't have to take too much time copying-and-pasting.

That's all, folks. Happy emailing!

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