design-59In the social media world, the idea of automation is a hot topic. Can it really work? What processes can it help my business with? At Likeable Local, we set out to prove that it can work for small businesses. And it is! Here’s why we did it & how you can use it.

In 2012, now-Likeable Local CEO Dave Kerpen had a vision: an affordable yet effective social media solution for small businesses. While working with big fortune 500 brands on social strategies, he saw so many small businesses in need of help who couldn’t afford to hire an agency. Determined to help them, Dave founded Likeable Local and led the vision to creating Likeable Hub, a social media automation tool just for SMBs with features designed from strategies proven to work with even the biggest brands.

Likeable Hub solves three of the biggest challenges for business owners when it comes to social media: lack of time, expertise, and resources. With smart automation & intelligent features, the leg-work behind content creation, scheduling, advertising, and lead generation can be greatly reduced! Read on to see how it works…

Social Media Automated = Time Saved

Creating consistent and engaging content takes time that many companies simply do not have. Yet keeping your customers and prospects engaged in the 21st century means posting value-add content frequently. But how do you prioritize that above the daily operations of your business? Short answer is, you can’t.

With Likeable Hub, you have access to thousands of content ideas personalized just for your industry, and they’re even auto-scheduled into an editable queue for you! Plus, you can chose from the trending topics section to share the most relevant news and posts. Likeable Hub customers are guaranteed to have killer content sent straight to their followers on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  That’s social media automated.

Social Media Automated = Instant Expertise

Many businesses know they want to implement strategies that’ll help them succeed on social, but are not be aware of what those strategies are. Take social media ads for example. Facebook Ads can be confusing. We hear small business ask questions about ads all the time! “What audience should I use? How do I set up my Ad? How much should I spend?”  Enter Likeable Hub and our proprietary TurboPost technology that automatically turns every Facebook post into a boosted post! Likeable Hub customers can sit back & feel confident their Facebook reach will grow.

Plus, TurboPost takes the guesswork out of amplifying your reach on Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s a fact that repeated content gets just as much (if not more) engagement than content posted for the first time. With Likeable Hub, every Twitter and LinkedIn post will be repeated a number of times to help engage your audience.

Social Media Automated = Saved Resources

Don’t have the resources to hire a full scale social media agency? It’s ok! With a social media automation tool, you can effectively execute on social without spending countless hours or dollars. When it comes to running your business, time is money. A social automation tool means, affordable technology doing great work instead of you or your employees spending valuable time.

Furthermore, stellar ongoing training & education from Likeable Local’s social media expert team helps you maximize the effectiveness of the tool. For even more hands-on help, we offer the Likeable Pro Plan, where customers have their own Pro Account Manager to implement customized strategies.

Likeable Local would be ecstatic to connect with you to help you reach your full potential on social media. To learn more about how we could help you or your clients, schedule a demo with a member of the team today!
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