At the end of the day, we all want to be successful at the things we invest in for our business. Whether it’s training a new hire, hosting an event, using a new software, or improving your social media presence, there is always an end goal. When embarking on social media marketing, most businesses make the mistake of obsessing TOO MUCH over the end goal of getting the cash register to ring or those new clients in the door, but skip these two important steps that are imperative in reaching that goal:

  1.      Defining what you are actually trying to solve with social media
  2.      Establishing what success looks like

Today, we'll talk about #1! 

Defining the Objective

Well isn’t this simple? Don’t most businesses want to see more growth? Well, yes -- But let’s get more specific. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help narrow your focus:

Am I struggling with customer loyalty and/or losing customers to competitors?

Do I have enough brand awareness that can lead to word-of-mouth?

Am I having trouble breaking into a new demographic or pushing a new product/service?

Do I have enough data on my business to really know how to ultimately drive business growth?

How Can Social Media Help? 

Establishing customer loyalty
The more you engage with your customers, the better chance you have of keeping them top-of-mind and coming back through your door. Social media is an excellent place to connect with your customers when they are NOT right in front of you. If you reward loyalty for following and engaging with awesome content that’s educational and entertaining, and even promotions via social media, you can keep them in your circle.

Driving brand awareness

There’s no better way to get your brand in front of more eyes than on the most visited places on the internet. The average American spends more than 3 hours per day on social media. That’s more than email! The best part… All of the awareness driven to your brand is totally trackable.

Breaking out of your mold
If you want to push a new product, service, or program, you need a way to do it where you can test, track, and improve your strategy. Social media is an excellent place to experiment with different approaches of introducing something new. You can also target brand new demographics or subsets of your usually audience with tools like Facebook's Hyper-Targeted Ads. 

Getting more valuable business data
Without solid data on what has worked (or hasn’t) in the past, marketing campaigns can be like throwing darts at a wall blindfolded… Risky and impossible. If you’re a new business needing to collect data on who your audience is and what is getting traction, social tools like Facebook Analytics will be your best friend.

This week, think about what the #1 objective is that you want to solve your business. Next week, we'll discuss Part 2: Establishing What Success Is.

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If you are feeling totally “stuck,” we hope this piece on “15 Ways to Get Unstuck” our CEO Dave Kerpen just published on LinkedIn will help!

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