By now you have read all the articles and rewatched your favorite Super Bowl ads from Sunday's big game. But, did you notice something a little different to this year's ads?

Unlike previous games, the theme to this year's ads was more than just car commercials with cool visual effects and beer commercials for cheap laughs (yes, there were still plenty of those). A majority of advertisers went for meaningful ads that would resonate with their audience. But what did all of these ads have in common and how can they impact your social media advertising strategy in 2015?

One thing that these ads had in common were their abilities to tell a story. Some companies kept their cards close, while others left no card unturned. Some of the more memorable ads were from brands like Reebok, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds. Not only did the ads play on your emotions, they allowed the consumer to associate with multiple aspects of the story that was being told.

Reebok's commercial was the latest in #Dadvertising, showing children from multiple age groups sharing an experience with their Dads. Many of us have experienced very similar moments to those recreated in the commercial and our ability to relate to these situations allows the consumer to create a familiarity with the brand. Personally, I've never owned a pair of Reeboks but I felt extremely connected to the brand from the ad.

McDonalds had a similar approach encouraging us to find worth and gratefulness in our current circumstances. From now until Valentine's Day, they will allow select customers to pay for their meals with gratitude. Like the food or not, that is a business model we can all respect.

While a game of this magnitude is rarely without controversy, neither were the ads. Nationwide delivered the most controversial ad telling a story of a child that didn't want to grow up and get married. This child would never have the opportunity to do these things because he was already dead.

Whether or not you found them effective, these are some of the same ads we are left talking about following the fantastic finish to Super Bowl XLIX. Storytelling is clearly a theme that is relevant to the biggest household brands in the world. Why not see how it can impact your social media marketing strategy?

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