How do people spend most of their time on social media? Some use social just to communicate with friends and family, but have you noticed the increasing number articles and blog posts that are being shared? 

Sharing content is the key to a strong content strategy on social media. Articles that are shared through social media platforms like Facebook are usually ones with catchy, emotional, or controversial topics that hook people and leave them wanting more.

You might see an article shared called, “18 Reasons Why New York is Better than California,” or “Farting Can Cure Cancer,” or even one of our Likeable Local CEO’s articles titled, “9 Moments the Happiest People Have Every Day.”

Creative titles spread like wildfire and you may start to notice them taking over your newsfeed. Here's how you can catch your customers' eyes in just a few simple steps:

1. SHARE buzz-worthy articles on your business’s social page

The goal of social media is to have people engage, share, and join in on the conversation. For example, maybe you are a doctor and you share or retweet an article on a "new cure to a disease" or a "list of ways to live a healthy life." Content that relates to both your company and your customers will establish you as an expert in your field. It will also encourage your fans to share it with their own followers, opening doors for your business on social!

2. Keep the conversation going on a specific topic you shared about

Articles and blogs go viral every single day by being shared on social media. That means that there are millions of interesting articles that are out there waiting to be shared and talked about! You, as a business owner, have an opportunity to take advantage of that and repost these eye-catching articles and update your status regarding the topic so that your followers have a better chance of seeing it.

It's just like Dave Kerpen said, "Share is the new like." It's time to start sharing content your followers want to see!

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