shutterstock_94919008Surprise, surprise (not really)… Facebook is changing the game for advertisers yet again. Users can always count on Facebook to shake things up for businesses looking to increase exposure with its constantly changing News Feed and business model. The good news is, Facebook’s most recent change is incentivizing quality of advertisements over quantity, so your News Feed is safe from spam. Kind of.

Here's what's happened:

On August 6th, Facebook's algorithm changed to increase the number of times a Facebook users will see a single advertisement. This does not mean you will be seeing more ads! It's actually the spacing restrictions between the ads that are changing, meaning the same advertiser will be able to re-enter your News Feed with less time between posts. Don't worry, your #ThrowbackThursday’s and #FailFriday’s will still be there! 

Here’s how Facebook described the change to ad agencies:

- A single ad can be inserted in News Feed up to twice per day (up from one).
- Ads from a page that a person is not connected to can be inserted into News Feed up to twice per day (previously only one per page, per day).
- Ads from a page that a person is connected to can be inserted into the News Feed up to four times per day (remains consistent from before). 

So what does this mean for advertisers? How should small businesses adjust?

The answer, and the goal behind this change, has to do with… CONTENTPut out a good post or ad, and your audience will get to see it twice. Put out a lousy ad, and your audience will have to see it twice. See the difference?

This change in ad spacing and frequency will incentivize businesses to produce stronger, more Likeable content. Facebook has been “Pay to Play” for businesses for months now, but with this new change, businesses will be held more accountable to play well.

This means better content in your News Feed, and better rewards for being Likeable!

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