IMG_7470As a social media connoisseur,  it's likely you sometimes  find yourself in a bit of a pickle when it comes to consistently finding and posting relevant content on all of your social media networks. Believe it or not, as Likeable Local's community manager, so do I! So, how can you overcome this?

Not to toot our own horn, but our Likeable Hub content team has created thousands of super engaging content ideas for you to share on a daily basis. Whether you use our app or not, we want to make sure you can take advantage of them, so we created a daily FREE content idea subscription: Idea a day. With Idea A Day, we send you a friendly email with content suggestions that are inspirational, funny, relevant, and newsworthy  that you can customize or post as-is  on all you social media networks in seconds. 

Here are some ideas and inspiration on how you can use daily content ideas from Idea A Day. Enjoy! 

1) Encourage your followers to engage by asking them a friendly question! Remember that you can also customize the posts so they fit your 'voice'.
Smile2) Use a trivia post like this and get everyone to participate! You can even offer a fun incentive to the lucky winners.
Trivia3) Idea a day's are suitable for all types of businesses! This post was used to motivate our followers from our Likeable Dentists' Facebook page. Isn't it cute?
MondayIf you're a Likeable Hub user, you can simply go to the Ideas tab in our app and choose as many Idea a day's as you'd like and schedule it so that it can post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

screen1136x1136So what are you waiting for? Delight your fans with awesome, consistent content and sign up for Idea a day! Let us inspire with a daily dose of amazing content. We guarantee your audience will appreciate it. Sign up here!
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