There are over a billion users on Facebook and many of them are potential customers of yours just waiting to discover YOU. Social Media can help make that happen.

I’ll start with a story—

Recently, some members of the Likeable team were in Denver at the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention to meet with potential new Dentist clients of ours. Interestingly enough, after the conference was over one third of our new customers from the weekend were new clients OUTSIDE of Dentistry. They were other small business owners stopping by our booth who had a need for our services and who were ready for our help. Our team was surprised and delighted to know that we had a whole market of potential new customers at a dental conference who were not even dentists that we had never anticipated waiting to discover us.

The lesson here? Never get pigeon holed into thinking your business can only service a certain demographic at a certain time. Social media can act like the meet and greet or mixer that this conference was by allowing you to put your company in front of new customers through tools like super smart Facebook Ads. You just have to be ready to listen, adapt, grow, and jump outside the box.

One of the greatest (and maybe slightly frightening) things about Facebook is that it has so much data on you as an individual—where you live, what you do, who you are married to, where you went to college, and what types of things you like. As a small business, this information is GOLD from a marketing perspective! So, how do you use this gold mind of data on perspective customers to grow your business?

LEARN about your current audience.

Using tools like Facebook Insights, you can see a breakdown of your fans in terms of gender, location, age, etc. Does this data reflect what you thought your customer demographic was? Are you looking to change this?

LISTEN and reach out to who is interacting with you on social media.

New Fans who follow you on Twitter or Like you on Facebook might be part of a new customer group you never anticipated. Take note and adjust your strategy to find more like them!

FIND DEMAND for your services by putting your pages out there.

Use Facebook Ads or promoted posts targeted to groups you’d like to see business from. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new demographics! Your new-found fans just might surprise you and give your business a new space to grow in.

What ways do you see your business expanding, long term or short term?

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