Every savvy business owner knows that one happy customer can go a long way… but so can one unhappy customer. So the question is, how do we turn those sour customers around? 

This brings us to Summer Slump Tip #2: Turn Lemons Into Lemonade. We can all think of that one customer who is particularly unhappy and also particularly vocal about it. Dedicate this week to changing the opinion of this one customer and turn your lemons into lemonade for some SWEET referrals!

Let’s use Likeable Local’s fearless CEO, Dave Kerpen, as an example of this business tactic. Dave's interesting experience with this type of above-and-beyond customer service managed to change his family’s sour attitude towards the customer service team at an Orlando resort into making him a loyal and devoted fan of the business. 

Check out the full story in Dave’s Linkedin article here.

The point of the story is this: “The best opportunities for surprise and delight come from the mistakes we make… If you can follow up those mistakes with a little (or a lot) of surprise and delight, you can not only erase the mistakes – you can create loyal fans for life.”

So, let’s talk about ways to turn around those sour customers we all run into:

Step 1: Acknowledge the mistake that has been made on behalf of the business and sincerely apologize to the disgruntled customer or client.

Step 2: Focus in on this sour customer and think of ways to make them feel appreciated to make up for the past.

Step 3: Surprise and Delight them! Get their permission to share and highlight their story on social media. Chances are, they will be flattered and thrilled about your excellent customer service that they will turn a new leaf and change their attitude. They may even feel inclined to then refer your services to others! This is the wonderful power of word of mouth in action.

Now it’s your turn! Think outside the box and make sure to always appeal to the customer’s needs and wants. This will surely help ease the tension and gain new, lifelong customers. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth!

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