Attracting current and prospective customers to your small business is extremely important, but there is another audience that is just as important to keep motivated – your team. Social media can help motivate your employees to stay engaged in your company’s internal brand image. The more that your employees believe in your brand internally, the more it will show externally to customers who seek your product or service. 

This brings us to Tip #3: Use social media to recognize and incentivize employees for working hard. 

This is something that should always be on the forefront of your business’ agenda, but it is especially important when attention levels drop during the summer months.

Here are some ways to keep your team energized to ensure this will be your most productive summer yet:

Step 1: Communicate To Motivate

Social media is a great tool for creating a sense of community in your business. For example, consider starting a private Facebook group as a forum for employees to post anything from interesting articles relating to your industry to personal achievements. It can act as a virtual meeting room where employees can communicate what they’re working on, daily accomplishments, and even a joke or two to get everyone laughing.

Step 2: Publicly Send Gifts on Social Media

If an employee has been doing outstanding work or making more sales than usual, show him or her you care by publicly sending a gift through social media. For example, you could send one of your employees a Starbucks gift card through Facebook with a message explaining why you are grateful to have them on your team. Small incentives like this can make a world’s difference in terms of productivity. Customers who follow your business on Facebook will see that your company has a friendly culture, which will make them all the more eager to get engaged themselves.

Step 3: Feature an Employee of the Week

Whether your company has 10 employees or 10,000, featuring an “Employee of the Week” and posting it to your company’s blog or LinkedIn page is another great way to give a public "shout out." This will create an incentive not only for that employee to keep working hard, but also for others to work hard with the goal of being featured one day as well.

For example, Likeable Local’s CEO Dave Kerpen posted an article on about his hard-working Executive Assistant, Meg. “I know that any time I'm having a bad day or meeting, my EA will be there to brighten my day, cheer me on, remind me of perspective, and help me move forward. This alone is priceless,” he explained.

You can ask Meg herself--Sincere words from a boss to an employee can be a huge motivator! To read the full article, click here.

Your Turn! 

How will you recognize and incentivize your employees to be rockstars through social media?

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