One LinkedIn Update You Shouldn't Ignore

Posted by Sara Murali

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Has your small business jumped on the LinkedIn bandwagon yet? Now that the summer is well underway and your business may be enjoying some downtime, it is a great time to get connected.

In the past, LinkedIn has been known primarily as an outlet for job searching. In fact, it was initially launched as a recruitment tool for Human Resources professionals. While this is definitely still true, it can actually be an extremely effective networking tool for small businesses and even a great source of lead-gen for SMBs with more of a B-to-B focus.

Now let’s take a deeper look at our Summer Business Slump Tip #4: Start sharing more business-related photos on your LinkedIn page!

Recently, LinkedIn has undergone some substantial changes, making it an even MORE effective marketing tool. The network just introduced mobile photo sharing options, allowing users to share content for their business on-the-go using the LinkedIn app.

Here are some ways to make the most out of this new feature:

Step 1: Get Your Business on LinkedIn (If You Haven’t Already)

Create a business page, personalize it, and start connecting with the community and those in your network! Also, make sure to download the LinkedIn mobile app for accessibility out of the office.

Step 2: Start Brainstorming and Gathering the Types of Photos You’d Like to Share

You’re probably wondering: What types of content should my business share on LinkedIn? Using your company’s social media sites for photo sharing can be an excellent way to showcase the personality of your brand or business. Highlighting members of your staff and their personalities can go a long way in also attracting new business. For example, share some photos this week of you and your staff celebrating the Fourth of July! This is a great way to tell people about your office party or store event. (And display some USA pride!)

For more ideas and photo sharing “do’s and don’ts,” check out some of LinkedIn’s suggestions for staying ahead of the game.

Now it’s your turn! Make sure your business stays connected this summer by taking advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer.

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