Now that July has officially started and summer is well on its way, why not use your down time to do something productive? Giving your social media a summer facelift may be just the thing your business needs.

In a recent interview, ​​our CEO, ​Dave Kerpen ​a​nd his wife Carrie Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media, simplified social media into terms that make it achievable for all businesses, no matter the size.​ ​T​hey ​​also provided​ ​some great tips to give your social media the summer makeover that it​ ​​desperately needs.

“Think of social media like a giant cocktail party”, suggests Dave. Small business owners should use social media as a tool to LISTEN to their customers. Nobody likes the party go-er who rambles on and never listens. Use this advice to take your social media to the next level. Make a conscious effort to look out for keywords that your current and potential customers are using on social media.

Another way Dave suggests you can spruce​-​up your social is to be responsive to your customers. Don’t use social media to sell, but rather to make personal connections with your customers. Take your social media one step further than your competitors and respond to comments​,​ both the praises and the complaints. A simple “I’m sorry” or “Thank you​!​” can go a long way.

If your social media makeover is executed correctly, it can generate positive word-of-mouth and referrals from your existing customers to new potential customers.​ ​

Here is a quick and condensed version of Dave and Carrie’s step-by-step process to beat that “Summer​ ​Slump” and help you give your social media a refreshing new look:

  1. ​LISTEN to your current customers’ wants and needs.
  2. ​Observe about your current customers’ online behaviors. Only utilize the social media networks that they use - Don’t get bogged down by the masses.
  3. ​Create good experiences for your current customers that will generate positive online WOM referrals.
  4. ​Be RESPONSIVE to your customers, let them know you care.

​Remember: There’s no ​time like the present. Here at Likeable Local, we are inviting you to our Anti-Summer Slump Cocktail party​! Sign up, Login, ​​Observe, Listen, and watch ​yourself ​quickly become the most #likeable guest at the party. ​

P.S. ​To see the Kerpens’ full interview​,​ click here!​

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