Google Maps.jpgThere are lots of reasons to relocate a business: your business may be growing or you want to get physically closer to your consumer base.

To move, a business needs to update its location details to make it easy for the government to make applicable changes and customers to find it with ease.

Keeping your business address updated is essential to your marketing. We have assembled a checklist of priorities, as well as what you must do to ensure the relocation goes smoothly.

Here are things to consider while relocating:


Update website

The most important update that must be made is to the website. To make the change, you can sign in and publish the new address on the relevant pages or request a website design agency to do it for you.


Update search engine map listing

Based on how large your web presence is, you can have any type of citation and business listing all over the web.

When you update your business address, it is important you ensure it’s accurate. If you do not, then Google can get confused about your new address, which can affect your SEO rankings. Also, it may confuse your potential customer, who’s trying to find where you are.

Your map listing in Google has huge significance. Your Google map listing will display when visitors search for your business, so it’s an effective way for customers to find your address.


Update online listing and citation

Depending on the size of your web presence, you can get any type of business listing.

When you update your company’s location, it is important it’s all accurate. Failing to do so can confuse Google, and keep your new address and SEO strategy from being a success. It’s best to update online listings and citations accordingly.


Update paid search campaigns

While executing any paid search promotion campaign, such as AdWords, having an accurate address helps you rank locally when users browse Google to search for your products and services.

You have to focus on a specific local marketplace, so the public within your area can look for your ad at the top of the webpage. But, if AdWords considers you in another area, you can also come up for those local searches, although you are not nearby.


Use online tools to update your address

It can be challenging to let your clients know you are planning to relocate. In some companies, you may not be in touch with your clients for a long time, in which case you do not have the choice to share the update with them.

Some offline approaches, such as email, ads, or print media, can be very costly. This is the main reason online tools become useful while moving. It is key to update your location on social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If you have an active social media presence with many customers following you, then you can use social media to convey your message. You can even feature images of your new place or give them a map direction.



Generally, e-mail is one of the leading online marketing tools for any business. So, you want to make some updates that include:


E-mail signature

Because you likely e-mail people every day, your signature must reflect the change in location. When you’re communicating online, your signature is often the face of your brand.


Out-of-Office replies

Companies may close for some time to move their belongings. When you do not close, you may not have time to reply to email quickly. Use out-of-office reply to inform people your office will be closed during the relocation.


E-mail list

Send e-mails to your contacts on your list, along with your relocation information. Here, you can also include your monthly newsletter or send it as a separate announcement to make sure most people are aware of the location.


Other essential details

To make your business relocation successful, try to be sure everyone understands your situation and anticipate for everything that comes to the new location. You can do this in the following ways:

Brochures and business cards

Surely, you are updating the printed materials with your new address. Based on your business’s online presence, you may want to include your social media “Like us” or “Follow us” with your company contact information.

Press release

In some cases, using a press release or series of releases to announce the relocation can be a wise idea.

Grand opening party

If your company depends on foot traffic, you may want to plan a grand opening party to increase awareness of the move. Also, you can promote through social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, you can send and re-invite them to your business contacts, so they can take part in some refreshment parties.

Wrapping up

In business, there are lots of reasons to relocate your office. You have to be sure the location you decide suits your requirements, so you can position your business for success. So, if you are planning to relocate your website, focus on the above points.

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