Turn Pokemon Go Into Dough for Your Business

In case you've been living under a rock for the past week (or maybe just enjoying a nice summer vacation), PokemonGo has taken the country by a storm in just a few short days. The augmented reality mobile app and game has launched and grown at phenomenal rates, it's already on more than twice as many phones as Tinder, has twice the engagement rates of Snapchat, and unbelievably, already has a higher percentage of daily active users than Twitter! 
Is it a fad? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But in the meantime, smart small businesses with a physical location can stand to make real money leveraging this virtual game that has hordes of people outside playing every day and night. 
Here are 3 ways your business can benefit from PokemonGo: 
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What's cooler than reaching 1.5 billion people on Facebook?

There's a line in the movie  The Social Network, where the Sean Parker character says to the Mark Zuckerberg character:
 "You know what's cooler than 1 million dollars? 1 billion dollars."
My line when it comes to social media advertising for small business is a little different:
You know what's cooler than reaching 1 billion people on Facebook? Reaching the right 1000. Or 100. Or 10, to grow your business.  (Click to tweet)
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Here'a a Secret Tip to Get You More Likes on Your Facebook Business Page

"Dave, have I got a tip for you!" said Tim over the phone to me. Tim is the owner of a paintless hail and dent repair shop in Virginia. I love talking to  Likeable Local  customers. Not only can I get feedback on what we're doing well and how we can improve our software for SMB's, but I always learn something new, from the perspective of a small business owner, the market that we serve everyday. 

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How Facebook Is Improving Likes On Your Business Page

As always, Facebook is constantly making sure that as a business owner, you get the best user experience possible. Now we will admit, every tool that Facebook provides isn't perfect... yet. However, Facebook does strive to improve the overall quality and relevance- in particular, how users interact with businesses and vice versa.

As of March 12th, Facebook began purging the network of inactive accounts. You may be notified to update your security settings to ensure the highest quality experience for all users. Here are 3 things that you can take take away to reach your most relevant audience to date!

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Cure A Business Hangover

As we wind down the previous year, we often have ambitious goals for the future. Perhaps it was to clean out the storage closet that houses your extremely outdated decorations. Maybe it was to involve your customers more in your monthly newsletter. Or maybe it was finally hiring a Community Manager to take your social media marketing to the next level.

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