The 5 Essential Elements of Effective Conversational Copy


First dates are awkward. We can all agree on this. On a first date, it’s too typical for the conversation to be so A + B = C (aka basic). What’s your favorite movie? How many siblings do you have? What types of music do you like? I I speak for all of us when I say I’d rather be stuck in 8am Atlanta traffic than answer another question about what I like to do to workout.

 C’mon…we can do better than that, right?

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How to be Funny: 5 Guidelines for Adding Humor into your Social Mix

Social media is shrinking the distance between you and your client base, and humor may be the tool you need to close the final gap.

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Healthy Peer Pressure: Using Social Media To Drive Referrals

Smart businesses keep their customers happy, but the smartest businesses leverage their existing happy customers to acquire new ones. The most effective way to accomplish this is through word of mouth, which has been shown to be one of the most powerful tools for influencing consumer purchase decisions. Enter social media.

Social media networks have become massive amplifiers for word of mouth, which is great news for businesses that provide opportunities for their customers to speak highly of them. Whether it’s an engaging Facebook post, a well-timed tweet, or a request for a LinkedIn recommendation or introduction, businesses large and small can leverage social media to drive revenue.

Let’s start with Facebook, the world’s largest social network. Facebook offers companies the opportunity to develop their presence using business pages, on which content (copy and images) can be customized to reflect the elements that make each business unique and likeable. Businesses can then invite their customers, friends, and prospects to “like” their pages, effectively creating an army of fans who have “vouched” for the brand.

Once a business has established its audience on Facebook, it should post authentic, engaging content to prompt genuine conversations with its fans. Taking this engagement a step further, business owners and marketing managers should feel empowered to invite their fans to refer their friends via prompts on their brand’s Facebook page. If a brand is likeable, why wouldn’t its fans want to spread the word?

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How Facebook's Recent Changes Will Affect Your Business

When it comes to promoting a business, social media has established itself as an effective alternative to traditional mediums, like TV and radio. Instead of vying for a prospective client's attention, on social you can speak to users directly, every time they log on.
But the recent changes on Facebook mean organic page reach for businesses is practically non-existent; some speculating as low as 1%. That means business page owners, especially large brands, will have to pay to speak with their entire community by promoting posts.  
This isn't the worst thing in the world. In truth, most social users aren't interested in seeing what brands have to say. Typically because business pages are too focused on getting you to visit their store or website instead of providing fun, engaging content. For a social user like myself, I don't want to be distracted by sales pitches jammed between my pictures of skull tattoos and fluffy kittens. 
What does this mean for your business page? You need to put more focus on the quality of your content. Is this post a sales ploy or do you actually have something to say? Are you telling a story or just talking at people?
Also, you will need to set aside a budget for promoting posts every week, once a week, or once a month, depending on your needs, the value of the content in your post, and how important social engagement is to your business. By creating a structure and a budget, you will improve your interactions with users on Facebook and be seen as an expert in the space and not just another brand hocking wares. 
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Think Outside The Box With Facebook To Grow Your Business

There are over a billion users on Facebook and many of them are potential customers of yours just waiting to discover YOU. Social Media can help make that happen.

I’ll start with a story—

Recently, some members of the Likeable team were in Denver at the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention to meet with potential new Dentist clients of ours. Interestingly enough, after the conference was over one third of our new customers from the weekend were new clients OUTSIDE of Dentistry. They were other small business owners stopping by our booth who had a need for our services and who were ready for our help. Our team was surprised and delighted to know that we had a whole market of potential new customers at a dental conference who were not even dentists that we had never anticipated waiting to discover us.

The lesson here? Never get pigeon holed into thinking your business can only service a certain demographic at a certain time. Social media can act like the meet and greet or mixer that this conference was by allowing you to put your company in front of new customers through tools like super smart Facebook Ads. You just have to be ready to listen, adapt, grow, and jump outside the box.

One of the greatest (and maybe slightly frightening) things about Facebook is that it has so much data on you as an individual—where you live, what you do, who you are married to, where you went to college, and what types of things you like. As a small business, this information is GOLD from a marketing perspective! So, how do you use this gold mind of data on perspective customers to grow your business?

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