The Road to 1000 Leads: How Split Testing, Big Data, and an Experienced Team Raised the Bar for Ticket Sales

As we continue to work with EMRG Media, we plan on seeing even better results as we explore the best ad strategies for their needs. To check out more about EMRG Media, visit, or keep up with them on Facebook ( If you want to see results like this, this, or this, for your business, contact us today at (212) 359-4355 or check out the link below to schedule a demo!

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5 Simple Steps to Drive Leads From Social Media

Social media is great for building your brand. It's awesome for building your reputation. It's terrific for customer service, and for responding to positive and negative feedback. It's AMAZING for listening to customers and prospects. 
I say, YES! 
But it's not easy. 
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How Storytelling Can Help Your Social Strategy

Remember how captivating a good story could be when you were a kid? Nothing could beat that "edge of your seat" feeling while you were waiting for your mother or father to reveal the fate of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher. You felt connected to those far-away, imaginary characters because of the power of a good narrative. With age, our connection to those characters might fade, but our appreciation of a good story certainly does not. 
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Social Media is Bringing Me Leads… Now What?

So, you’ve gotten past the awe of accumulating a lot of likes on Facebook, and a lot of Twitter followers. Before getting to this point, all you could envision was the utopia of a large audience who was throwing money just to hear your expert advice.

But what happens when all of the likes and followers aren’t driving your revenue up? Your product and website may be relevant to these new website visitors, but if they're not converting something's missing.

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