Which Social Media Platforms Are Best for You?

Whether you're just starting out or are looking to expand your social presence, there are quite a few routes you can take. Many fall into the trap of trying to tackle every social network at once and wind up spreading their efforts too thin. Especially for small business owners, who are likely already wearing many others hats, using your time efficiently on social media is crucial. 

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Why You Can't Ignore Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest In 2015

I’m sure by now you realize the importance of social media. After all, 72% of all internet users are now actively pinning, tweeting, and sharing away. But what does that mean for your overall marketing approach?

Every business can benefit from a proactive online presence. The trouble is learning how to use these tools to benefit your overall social media strategy. Here are some tips on how to leverage sales from some of your old favorites and up-and-comers to the biggest online conversation. 

Instagram: The Rising Star

Instagram is more than just a fancy filter on your #selfie… for the most part. Now, Instagram is a wonderful place to display all of your current products or to showcase the culture of your company. Now with the updated video function, you can share your personalized content in an endless amount of ways. A picture is worth a thousand words, so show your followers what a day in the life is like at your business.

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2 New Mobile Features To Step Up Your Social Media Game


Let’s face it, life as a small business owner can get pretty hectic at times. Thankfully, technology—mobile technology in particular—has helped to make our lives a little bit easier. 

As a business owner, you most likely have a plethera of apps on your smartphone. Here a Likeable, we want to ensure that you using these social media apps to their fullest potential.

Here are some #likeable tips and tricks to up your social media game from your cell phone:

1. Facebook’s Mobile Graph Search

About a year ago, Facebook launched graph search for desktops. Recently, this feature was added to Facebook’s mobile app. The great thing about this feature is that it allows users to filter searches by location, people, ratings, and languages. For example, a user can search something like, “Restaurants nearby that my friends visited.” Facebook will then cross-reference all of the restaurants in the area that the user's Facebook friends have checked into and list these restaurants on the “results” page.  

Always make sure your customers are “checking in” to your location on your Facebook page in order to generate WOM referrals for other customers who may be seeking your services!

2. Pinterest Messaging

Within the past couple weeks, Pinterest launched the newest addition to its mobile app: Instant messaging. This new feature allows users to send pins, as well as messages back and forth to each other. The app also allows multiple users (up to 10) to be in the same group chat. This makes for quick, easy, and efficient communication! As a business owner, this is an amazing feature for communication with both employees AND current/potential customers.
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How To Use Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest has caused a buzz in the marketing world recently. Recently studies have shown that Pinterest is a powerhouse when it comes to online purchase, making it a comparable advertising space for retailers to both Twitter and Facebook.

Similar to Facebook, Pinterest offers two types of accounts: Personal and Business. Users who sign up as a business can then verify their website by adding html code or a zip file to their site. Unlike Twitter or Facebook where the platform itself chooses who to verify, Pinterest allows its users to verify their own brands.

Business accounts are given access to Pinterest’s analytics. These measure performance data for the business’s profile, pins, and even others’ pins from the verified website. This is an extremely valuable tool for measuring a brand’s reach and growth, but can be a bit daunting if you’re not sure what to look for.

Pins show the number of pins from your website. Want to see the full list? Do a simple test; type into your browser http://www.pinterest.com/source/YOURWEBSITE/. Chances are people are already pinning your content!

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