The Trick To Social Content Consistency

As a social media connoisseur,  it's likely you sometimes  find yourself in a bit of a pickle when it comes to consistently finding and posting relevant content on all of your social media networks. Believe it or not, as Likeable Local's community manager, so do I! So, how can you overcome this?

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4 Ways To Improve Your Content This Spring

The easiest issue to run into when producing fresh, original, and engaging content on social media is simply running out of ideas of what to post. When this happens, it’s easy to fall into the trap of recycling tedious or uninteresting ideas. During times like these, it’s important to take a step back and look at the big picture. WHY are your followers choosing not to engage with your content? Are you playing it TOO safe?

At Likeable, we recently started new content initiatives to spice things up -- And we recommend you think about doing the same for your business. Here are a few tricks we’ve tested out that have been getting positive responses so far.

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How to Organize Your Content Stream

As a small business owner, you want to post engaging content to your social media accounts. But understanding the need is far different than the actual execution. That being said, we have some good news and some bad news…

The bad news is there isn't a magic formula that attracts virality to your content. Sure you can post cute pet pictures and funny baby videos that represent your brand (or don’t). But if you rely on that as a crutch for engagement, your social accounts will suffer and so will your brand awareness. You need a clear online presence that best represents your business.

The good news is that it isn’t as hard as you think. All you need is a plan. The key is to keep your audience attune to exactly what you are trying to promote. Follow these simple guidelines to effectively organize your content stream.

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Healthy Peer Pressure: Using Social Media To Drive Referrals

Smart businesses keep their customers happy, but the smartest businesses leverage their existing happy customers to acquire new ones. The most effective way to accomplish this is through word of mouth, which has been shown to be one of the most powerful tools for influencing consumer purchase decisions. Enter social media.

Social media networks have become massive amplifiers for word of mouth, which is great news for businesses that provide opportunities for their customers to speak highly of them. Whether it’s an engaging Facebook post, a well-timed tweet, or a request for a LinkedIn recommendation or introduction, businesses large and small can leverage social media to drive revenue.

Let’s start with Facebook, the world’s largest social network. Facebook offers companies the opportunity to develop their presence using business pages, on which content (copy and images) can be customized to reflect the elements that make each business unique and likeable. Businesses can then invite their customers, friends, and prospects to “like” their pages, effectively creating an army of fans who have “vouched” for the brand.

Once a business has established its audience on Facebook, it should post authentic, engaging content to prompt genuine conversations with its fans. Taking this engagement a step further, business owners and marketing managers should feel empowered to invite their fans to refer their friends via prompts on their brand’s Facebook page. If a brand is likeable, why wouldn’t its fans want to spread the word?

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