What the Increased Character Count on Twitter Means for Small Businesses

You may have noticed that Twitter has recently implemented a new feature on their global social network. No, it’s not a new like or dislike button. They doubled their famous 140 character limit to 280. Twitter revealed in a blog post that after a month of testing the format, they decided to go ahead.

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Kick It Into High Gear in 4 Ways

Wow! We don't know about you, but our December has flown by! The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is definitely felt in our office. We hope that you are handling the stress well, but there are still customers to be served and money to be made, so let's kick it into overdrive! Stumped on what to do next? Try some of these fantastic last minute marketing ideas to finish your 2014 strong!

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Facebook Reachageddon Is Coming: 3 Solutions for Your Business.

Facebook Reachageddon, or the end of organic reach on Facebook, is looming, and soon.Facebook recently announced that January marks the end of organic reach for businesses. This means that any small business owner looking to reach those who 'liked' their page must pay for Facebook ads. "Organic reach" of content from brands and small businesses will fall to less than 1 percent of all fans.

Though trends have been pointing this way for the past few years, the news doesn't hurt any less.The Wall Street Journal, recently reported that these new changes "will sting entrepreneurs."

On the one hand, businesses have never before had a free media channel through which to advertise, so this was bound to happen. But on the other hand, although big businesses may be able to swallow the new pay-to-play rules, it's challenging for small businesses that don't think they can afford to advertise. So now that Facebook Reachageddon is just a few weeks away, what can small businesses do?

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How To "Sell Without Selling" on Social

When trying to sell on social media, there are small businesses that post content about themselves with absolutely no rise from their audience. Then, there are those who understand how to sell their products without actually selling anything. Here are some tips to help your content strategy for sales:

Please stop talking about yourself. It'’s quite annoying.

Lets face it: We all like to talk about ourselves. When it comes to social media and trying to market your business, talking solely about yourself is the number one no-no. Imagine having a conversation with someone and all they do is talk about how amazing they are. They brag about their new outfit, hair, and shoes and then continue on their merry way. Annoying, right?

On social media, it is important to discuss topics with your audience they actually care about. If you own a dental practice, you don’t want to always show pictures of the gorgeous crowns you did because no one will care. Instead, you want to discuss topics that will make you an expert in the space and allow your audience to ask questions. This way, you have the opportunity to showcase the extensive knowledge you have and how it relates to your followers. If and when they are looking for a new dentist, they will now think about YOU first because you’'re the smartest dentist in the social media land.

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How Productive Were You This Summer?

Now that summer has officially come to a close, it's time to get your business in gear for the new season! While there is no denying that small businesses tend to slow down during the "Summer Slump" (with lower sales numbers and employees on vacation), we hope that you have used this downtime wisely to perfect your social media strategy.

Let's recap on a few key points we went over during our Beat the Summer Slump series:

  1. Win at Customer Service by Surprising & Delighting unsatisfied customers
  2. Show recognition to your hardworking employees to increase productivity
  3. Be aware and informed of network updates (on LinkedIn and Facebook, for instance!)
  4. Really listen to your customers to encourage word-of-mouth referrals through social media
  5. Make sure you are well-read when it comes to social!
  6. Delegate tasks among your members of your staff to ease the workload
  7. Improve your content strategy by sharing and linking to articles that others have posted
  8. Start using social media from your mobile device to stay connected
  9. Measure success on Facebook in terms of loyalty of fans
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