Top Changes to Make Online When Relocating Your Business

There are lots of reasons to relocate a business: your business may be growing or you want to get physically closer to your consumer base.

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Selling on Social Media

To effectively sell on social media, it's important to understand your audience.

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Social Media is Like. . .

A lot of people and businesses aren’t sure how social media works and why they should use it. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand the concept of Facebook or the proper etiquette for Instagram. To picture it, imagine it like this. . .

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How to Get Lucky

 Discover how to create your own luck in business and life.
When I was a salesperson working for Radio Disney, back in 2001, I was assigned the Burger King account to call on. I called Brenda Fuentes, my prospect, 37 times over 6 weeks. After 30 calls, my manager told me to stop calling and move on to another account. I kept calling, until she finally picked up the phone, on the 37th attempt. We had a great conversation, I set up a meeting to pitch her, I closed the Burger King business, and I earned a $20,000 commission check. 
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How to “Get” Anyone (Even If You Don’t Like Him)

Excerpted with permission from Chapter 2 of:

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