Why it Pays to be Authentic on Social Media

“The birth of our company may have been a dream, but there were days, weeks, and even months early on that felt more like a nightmare. We couldn’t get a loan from a bank. We couldn’t hire the right people. We couldn’t manage our cash flow very well. We nearly missed payroll several times. We brought arguments from home to work, and we brought arguments from work to home.” 

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13 Tips to Ensure Webinar Success

13 Tips to Deliver Presentation Webinar Experiences

Below is an excerpt on webinars from the new Big Fish Presentations book The Big Fish Experience. Order and get more sample chapters here.


We live in a digital world. We are frequently asked how to give good presentations through impersonal, digital formats such as webinars that take place remotely and online? While you may not have to worry about stage fright giving a webinar, that can be a double-edged sword. How do you connect with an audience that’s not physically in front of you?

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How Storytelling Can Help Your Social Strategy

Remember how captivating a good story could be when you were a kid? Nothing could beat that "edge of your seat" feeling while you were waiting for your mother or father to reveal the fate of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher. You felt connected to those far-away, imaginary characters because of the power of a good narrative. With age, our connection to those characters might fade, but our appreciation of a good story certainly does not. 
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