Good Content Isn’t Cheap, So Recycle It Strategically

How to Reclaim “Premium” Content for Inbound Marketing

The concept of Inbound Marketing hinges on providing something so valuable that someone will trade their contact information for it. So enticing that they know they are going to have to hear from you again. Sound easy?

Needless to say we spend a lot of time perfecting the work we do for our clients. In most cases we opt for writing an eBook (typically a downloadable PDF) and/or a companion checklist.

To understand why you would want to reuse your original Premium Content, you need to understand the amount of effort that goes into producing the original piece.

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3 Ways to Stand Out on Twitter

Let’s start this out with an experiment.

Take out your phone and open Twitter. Send out a tweet, it doesn’t matter what it says. Take a look at it, sitting pretty up there on the top of your feed. Leave it alone for ten or fifteen minutes.
Now, go back to Twitter and look for your tweet in your feed. It took a bit of scrolling to find it, right? And if it was tough for you to find, and you were looking for it, imagine how somebody who wasn’t looking would end up finding your tweet.
That’s a fundamental problem for businesses using Twitter. If you’ve been on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve noticed that its News Feed is no longer organized chronologically. Instead, Facebook has instituted a complicated algorithm that helps determine what is the most interesting content for you, and pushes that to the top of your News Feed.

As far as we know, it is a combination of your activity patterns, the post’s recency, and the engagement with that post. The formula itself is a closely guarded secret, and it is constantly improving the user experience for all.

Twitter, on the other hand, has no such algorithm. Tweets simply run through your feed chronologically. It’s simple, equitable, and it makes it difficult for businesses trying to promote their own content.
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Integrating Social Media Strategy Into Your Business Plan

Social media is essential.

Social media is inevitable.

Is your company social-ready?

Today’s world revolves around social media. It has become a vital part of people’s lives and it has become a vital part for companies to interact with customers and obtain feedback from them.

Start thinking about how to use social; that is, if you have serious intentions of having your business survive and make it rich in the competitive world out there. Companies need to be smart and incorporate social media into their plans at the earliest, so that they can derive advantage from investment in it. The question arises as to how can a business owner incorporate social media in his plans!

Social media can be leveraged in many ways so that your business goals are fulfilled. There are different points of action, where social media integration can help. These include strategy, customer service, branding and promotion, as part of corporate communications, market research and survey, conversation marketing etc. By itself, social media may not be enough but in combination with other tools, it can prove to be a potent business tool.

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How to Post Content with a Purpose

Let's be honest, before this year your social media activity was not a great representation of your business. Since then, you have been pretty hot and heavy with your social media presence. And we could not be happier!

You are creating great personalized content of your business and curating leading industry news articles. Believe it or not, you may have even begun experimenting with paid advertisements through social. And yet, you haven't reaped the benefits of maximizing your retweets, favorites, comments and likes.

Having an intimate knowledge of your audience is imperative when promoting content to social media. Now that you have your ideal audience targeting, you are now ready to take your social media relationship to the next level: engagement. Yes that was a pun, but the principle still applies.

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